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SO I have recently come into a pile of CD swag that a dude in Western Australia was offloading (traded for a few drop pods)…  I was rooting around the box trying to figure out what to do with the bitz and I think I have it figured…  

Bear with me here…  I already own a massive CD army (piccies will come in the new year when I can get them out of storage)…  How do I make my warriors look different in what will become my third and fourth CD warrior units…

Well.  I have the bitz to convert almost twenty warriors from bull centaurs from the waist up and the legs of current ed dwarves…  Or some other dwarf legs (I am trying to find a good fit)…  Any ideas guys (and girls)?

The fourth unit will be the ugly as sin plastic chaos dwarf models that I never had before (I avoided them like the plague previously)…  But what the hey I own them now…

Need to convert some new exciting personality models… Thoughts?


The Snowman:

Do some Nurgle cousins from the country.

Or not.

Kera foehunter:

well here would be a cheep !!  you can get some of these old clan dwarfs ( there plastic ) hack them at the waist you could fine them on e-bay super cheep!!

and there wider than most dwarf figures so they might match better

pluss you could use the axes with your hobgoblins


Having never owned any of the original CD models (apart from the Hobgoblin Boss on wolf, still in blister, that i managed to lose when i moved apartment slaps forehead in shame), correct me if i’m wrong…but aren’t the bull centaurs torsos/heads bigger than your average dwarf? If so, they could look a little top heavy

As for as legs, if you’ve got even mediocre GS skills then a wire armature will do the trick. You’ll be covering most of the plastic in GS platemail anyway so it mite be a cheaper options, and legs are fairly easy to model


Great ideas guys!

Will try out a few things when I get home from work today…



I hate the plastic CD models so I am using their legs which frees me up to use their axes and hats elsewhere for other evil army ideas…

Not a perfect match but practice with the ol greenstuff and all will be good. Now I just need command models… Hmmmm…


Might need some pics to get a better idea of what you are trying to convey.


Moved to Ideas and Advice!

Pics are needed! :smiley: