[Archive] Bitz to disappear


Just noticed this on TWF.��It lists all the bitz that are to disappear from the online ordering service:


I wasn’t able to find any Chaos Dwarf stuff in there, so that is good news, at least.


I very much hope that is true :smiley:

- Tallhat


The list is on the US website as well. Some of the hellcannon stuff is on the list, but not the Chaos Dwarf crew themselves. There are a few hobgoblin bits as well.

Pyro Stick:

I cant see the list from that link. Can someone post the list? Or a link to it on TWF


Hobgoblins :open_mouth: What Hobgoblins??!

- Tallhat


On closer examination, I believe they are bits from the DoW hobgoblins, but:

9947021403902 HOBLA GHAN SPEAR ARM 1������������������

9947021403903 HOBLA GHAN BOY 2������������������������

9947021403904 HOBLA GHAN SPEAR ARM 2������������������

9947021403905 HOBLA GHAN QUIVER AND BOW 1������������

9947021403908 HOBLA GHAN QUIVER AND BOW 2������������

9947021404003 HOBGOBLA KHAN BANNER��������������������

9947021404004 HOBGOBLA KHAN QUIVER��������������������

9947021404110 CHAMPION WOLF BOYZ����������������������

9947021404111 CHAMPION CLOAK WOLF BOYZ����������������

9947021404112 CHAMPION QUIVER AND BOW WOLF B����������

9947021404113 STANDARD BEARER BODY WOLF BOYZ����������

9947021404114 STANDARD BEARER ARM WOLF BOYZ����������

9947021404116 MUSICIAN HORN WOLF BOYZ����������������

If I were a DoW player, I would be nervous…it isn’t just their hobgoblins, it is a lot of their troops.��As it is, the CD have come through unscathed, except for a smaller choice in conversion bits.��It is al ittle distressing for me, I am still scrambling trying to finalise my look and I need to go through a list to see what will be around in a month.��:o