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Hi guys,

As some of you have gathered I’m absolutely done with my CD army. This has everything to do with my mistake of dipping them. Now my motivation for the army is shattered and if I want to expand I need to get the Dip back out again.

So I was thinking about what army to do next. I have a WE army lying ready, but also a lot of Dwarf sprues left from the CD project.

So I’m starting up a Dwarf army. I’m using Dwarf rules and mostly Dwarfs models. BUT to tie it in with this site and keep a nice modelling blog, I’m doing a corrupted/chaotic Dwarf army. Maybe a Dwarven hold form the edge of the Wastes, maybe an experiment gone wrong, maybe a king who went mad and his followers to blind to see?

Anyway, I decided to do some scultping as well and get the scale mail going on all the guys. I’m using the facemasks that are included in the box for every soldier as well.

So obvious conversions are going to include:

-A deathrocket to use as grudgethrower (since I still have an unpainted one sitting around :wink: )

-facemasks and the round marauder shields on every soldier

-Deranger loonie berzerker as slayer character (without mohawk, but with little horns sprouting from his brow?)

-Chaotic Priests to replace Runesmiths

-A chaos altar to replace the Anvil

-A 2x2 barreled Organ gun, with hellcannon wheels

-Flaming braziers as banner tops, maybe just an icon as the banner itself?

-Slaves to replace shieldbearers ? (what kind of slaves?)

-Use the Chaotic unit fillers I already build?

-Deamonic fire engine as a gyro

To further reinforce the “Chaos” Dwarf theme I’m using the classic gold/black/gold colour scheme.

Here is my tester model I knocked up from a BfsP Dwarf inbetween other projects at work.

The sculpting on this is poor, and the highlights on the gold were a little to weak to shine through multiple brown/black/purple glazes. But it gives an impression.

Any other good suggestions, ideas I can steal, other units in a dwarven list with an obvious chaotic counterpart I can replace?

I’m looking at these units for now:

10 crossbows, shields (music)

25 warriors, shields, fc

Grudge thrower (deathrocket)

Organ gun



Just to get me started.

Anyway, suggestions are welcome.



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Interesting idea, looking forward to seeing how it works out.

Just as a thought, these might make good banners: http://uk.games-workshop.com/storefront/store.uk?do=Individual&code=9947010805104&orignav=10

As for slave shield bearers, perhaps just use other dwarves, and convert them up like traitors (or in this case, good guy dwarves), GS some shackles on them and paint them up all bloodied and stuff…


lol, those are exactly the banners I’ve lying around to use, and used on my CD banners.

Something about great minds…




No dip? :wink:

Some great ideas there Bjorni, can’t wait to see more.


I use dipping for most of my figures, and since I strip them from time to time I’ve found that the stuff comes off easily with Simple Green.


sounds like a cool idea

my regular non chaotic dwarf throng has an organ gun, and i suggest you get one! it rules lol.


Got some time again, so more scultping practice.

I thought I had enough “gunner” bodies lying around to make that 10 strong crossbow unit first, but it turns out I have a lot more “warrior” bodies.

So I did a couple of each and looked up my CD WIP to see what I can still use.

So here are the first WIPs, sculpting is still up and down.

I’m using the BfsP champion as my warrior champ because I like the model, but he has a lot more stuff around his body, making the scale mail a lot harder. He might still be tossed if I find a suitable replacment.

First steps taken again, painting for a litte later.




Nice, can I see a close-up of the three crossbow guys?


Looking Sweet Dude! With an army based on the Dwarf list you’ll be able to compete no matter what “The Man” does to try and disallow Chaos Dwarfs. :stuck_out_tongue:

Looks like a great start so far. Can’t wait to see how this Develops!


Like it, i keep toying with the idea of following a dwarf army list just “themed”, but i have too much of a liking for big mounts and green skins, but i guess it does offer more security for gaming. Keep it up its looking really promising


Nice, can I see a close-up of the three crossbow guys?


We try to be of service Sir,



Dipping your CD ruined them? do you have pics posted, and what did you dip them in?

I sometimes use a dip of water/future/paint mix, and hit it with matt varnish after.

New stuff looks good, play them as dwarfs or CD after yer done!


It’s not the dipping that ruined them, they turned out OK-ish

Pics are here.

The dipping ruined my motivation to do anything else for them, it turned the painting side of a great hobby project into a work-process. Also painting over a white basecoat makes me shiver in disgust. :sick

I used woodstain or Fanatic army painter and hit them with Dullcoat after that.

Just picked up some more thunderer bodies, hope to get stuck in tonight.

Painting is on the waiting list for now, I dislocated my shoulder 3 times yesterday. I can’t find a comfortable pose to paint in atm.




I painted an entire Imperial Guard army for someone once and it completely destroyed my motivation for years. I ended up selling my own Imperial Guard army because I couldn’t finish it, and in fact ever since then it’s been an uphill struggle for me to complete any of my own projects.



This is a nice idea. I’m looking forward to see the death rocket conversion.


- Kyte


I painted an entire Imperial Guard army for someone once and it completely destroyed my motivation for years. I ended up selling my own Imperial Guard army because I couldn't finish it, and in fact ever since then it's been an uphill struggle for me to complete any of my own projects.


CDO has your back dude. We will love everything you show us, small or big! Keep it coming!


Outstanding idea man, and even better execution. I have a few ideas you can ponder over (or just ignore if you want) instead of a pair of sheildbearers you could mount the lord on a Juggernaught. You could give marks to different units to

A: Tell them apart.

B: Make slight phisical differences in them.

You could give the slayers the helmet from the slannesh mounted chaos lord, to give it a armoured crest.

Looking forward to seeing the rest of this army pan out though.


Hey I hope I don’t sound stupid, but I have not bought any of the newer dwarf boxed-sets.

Do those little masks on the crossbowmen come in the box? They look like they would be super easy to make evil looking.



The masks come 4 to a sprue in the Dwarf Warrior box. (not the tunderer/xbow box!)

I have the luxury of a lot of spare ones from the CD project and a mate of mine is doing Imperial Dwarfs atm, and he’s not using them as well. :slight_smile:



what is dip? i dont get it do you mean you dip them in varnish?