[Archive] Black hammer of hashut vs. regeneration

Da Crusha:

I know that the black hammer of hashut doesn’t have flaming, but it DOES cause flammable creatures to die instantly, do you think that the attack would void a regeneration role?

Thommy H:

It’s not flaming, so no.


You feel like it should, but in terms of rules nope.

Ancient History:

On the other claw, the Black Hammer of Hashut only requires a single wound to kill a flammable critter. While I can’t think of a critter that has Regeneration and is Flammable, provided that the character with the hammer does get through the Armour Save, Ward Save, and Regeneration Save, that model would be dead.

Da Crusha:

thanks guys, dang I was hoping you guys would say yeah :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Yes, it’s no flammable but I admit I’ve played once as flammable :stuck_out_tongue:

well, iut was against Vampire Counts, so they deserved it! :hat off