[Archive] Black orcs. How to paint?


According to the background (as I see it, and this topic is not to argue that =))) Black orcs are elite on the one hand and they are directed by masters to the most dangerous taska, where the normal orcs won’t do and the elite dwarfs are too valuable to get killed.

That means they look well equiped but battle worn at the same time. Their armor is made by chaos dwarfs so they it should look slightly different from normal black orcs’ armor. And because CD are chaotic their BOs should get a bit of daemonic look.

All this brings me an idea of painting them brownish-green with black skull tattoo covering almos all face (NOT head) or maybe covernig half of the head. Their eyes- bright fiery orange. Their armor- black with little chipped paint (unlike th battleworn paintjob on normal BOs), some cracks and bumps, all covered with small fiery runes and symbols. Both CD and orkysh. And OF COURSE! Many trophys hanging all over the body of each orc.

The other plan- make them marauders, who has armor of different colours, with a mix of plate armor, chainmail and scales, emperial, dwarven and chaos marauder shields used as belly plate or shoulderpads, with different skintones and different coloured tattoos. And even more trophies.

Or maybe make them like version2 with a huge daemonic version1 leader?


With the current BO models, only one out of 10 will have a visible face as nearly all of them have huge and awesome helmets on them. I think your approach to the skin and eyes will make a big difference to your BO’s as well, but once again, there’s not a lot of visible skin on the new models, if thats what you are using.

Your suggestions for detailing the armour are in line with mine. I like my orcs/orks to have large chunks of rusted metal. Orcs really don’t take care of their stuff so it should see a lot of wear and tear.

I did a CD Black Orc Standard Bearer for Golden Hat 5 and layed on a ton of scale armour over top of the chainmail and plate mail BO armour already on the model. It came out ok, but if you’re going to do a whole unit of them, its a lot of work, but the result is cool, IMO.

Groznit Goregut:

It sounds like the older 5th (or was it 4th) Ed black orcs are what you are looking for. They don’t look as heavily armored and their faces are showing. They look a little more demonic. I think they would fit exactly what you are looking for. I know it might be harder to find the older ones (due to them being older), but I bet you can get a good price on them as I don’t think they are as popular as the newer ones.

For me, I am just planning on using my black orcs from my OnG army, so they are already done!

I still haven’t finished the tusks. I don’t really think these pictures give it much justice, though. My fault for the pics. I am really happy with the skin tone, though:

I think the armor came out nice (can’t see it in these pics). I painted them chainmail and then did a coat of the black GW wash and the brown GW wash. It came out kind of dull-ish, which was nice. I was able to put some streaks of mithril on the weapon edges and the effect from table distance is really nice (see the 1st pic).


Oh! I forgot to mention! I make BOs out of 40k nobs and FB ogres with shortened legs and hands. Some of them have exposed heads? hands and arms, while having a really heavy torso protection and some pads on their legs.

So looking from this point- daemonic black with fiery runes, or made of different coloured pieces? =)))

Kera foehunter:

i say the red armor would look cool on them too


My Blorc champion with Bull helm:

I think little hints of their CD masters’ influence can go a long way, like adding little bull markings to their armour and stuff.

Also maybe consider things like having brands burnt onto their skin in exposed areas, to show who they belong to :slight_smile:

As far as the armour colour scheme goes, I see them as total tanks, just massive plates of ridiculously bulky armour over equally massive frames. I don’t think they would have the luxury of a paint job, nor do I think they would care. These are not the Black Orcs of the OnG armies - the royalty of the greenskins - these are downtrodden brutes who are little more than living weapons. I would have the armour quite dark, almost a gunmetal colour to make it look heavy, with rusted edges, chips, scratches and dents.

Groznit Goregut:

I always thought that black orcs weren’t used as slaves anymore? After the rebellions, they were hunted down and either killed or driven out…except a few tribes that can be recruited every now and again to fight in large armies.

So, these black orcs wouldn’t be slaves. They would be recruited mercenaries, almost.


So, these black orcs wouldn't be slaves. They would be recruited mercenaries, almost.
Can you see Chaos Dwarfs paying their ex-slaves to fight?
I Can't. I don't see the Black Orcs having a choice in the matter either.
But thats my take on it.

Groznit Goregut:

I can see them being paid in armor and equipment. Yeah. I can see the Chaos Dwarfs showing up and saying that they are needed. Of course, it’s lots of CD’s with bluderbusses and whatnot. The CD give them a bunch of armor and weapons. Where do you think the Black Orcs get their equipment from, anyways? I’m sure that some apprentice CD uses scrap to make them. Great way to use the Black Orcs without keeping them as slaves (as they are too dangerous).