[Archive] Black Orcs - Your oppinion (updated)


Hello my fellow CD players

I’m about to make my first CD Black Orc regiment, and was having some rather crazy ideas about them… Hear them out, and let me hear your oppinon & feedbacks.

1). First of all - Since all my CD are wearing Masks, I want my Black Orcs to have a similiar look. So I was thinking about using the heads from the Lootas/Burna (not the helm’ed ones, but those who are having bandana/masks) on some of my boyz.

Here are some of the heads I’ll use:

2). My Black Orc Boss (Champion) - I was thinking about using the Meks head (Since the Chaos Dwarfs a gifted in “technology”, that thing on the Meks’ head might be some sort of Brain-Control made to make sure that he do as command) - however as said before about the gifted-thing, I was thinking about giving him the Power-claw from Ork Boys sprue.

3). The Banner Bearer - will have the banner/totem with the dead/dying dwarf on it.

4). Then for the rest, I’ll make some conversion with the Warboss box and maybe the Biker Box - to round up the overall look on them.

- Such as the Boss, might get the torso with the wolf-skin on the shoulder.

Here are some of the weapons I’ll use:

As I’ve mentioned before (Chaos Dwarfs are said to be giftet when it comes to technology) I might use the poweraxe as great weapon to my champion/boss, to my musician or to one of my flanks in the first row.

The chains, I think, seems a logic hand weapon choice for the orcs - we have to remember that black orcs goes to war armed to da teef!

Well thats’ about it for now.

Cheers Merchant :cheers


I don’t think there are any crazy ideas when it comes to Orcs and Goblins - its part of their charm. Whatever whacked ideas you have go for it! I know it hasn’t stopped me.

So bring it on!


I plan to use that dead dwarf banner on my black orcs.

IMO the new metal black orc boss would be a better unit champ.

Kera foehunter:

The dead dwarf wind chime would sound cool in the wind .The wearing of wolf skinn sounds cool too. if you do that a black orc wolf cult would be a cool group.


IMO the new metal black orc boss would be a better unit champ.

Well, as said before. the only reason I'll use the Meks' head, is because of the "brain-control" idea I explained

Cheers :cheers