[Archive] Black Orcs


That settles it, I’m having Blorcs in my army too, they look great!


im not a fan of the football looking helmets, but other than that they are really sweet models.


very nice orcs!!! blue was cool:exclamation:


uve done really well, little advice though.


follow that painting tutorial, all you need is another 5 mins on each model and do some highlights and such and they will become very impressive, them 5 mins are usually the difference between good painters and exeptional painters

Lord Archaon:

Thanks for your comments guys :slight_smile: The first models i painted was dark and ugly :sick, so as my painting skills increased i started to paint them more brightly. And now i want to try painting my models in more weathered style. So that’s why they are so clean and shiny. :stuck_out_tongue:


By the way that army standard is honking huge! That makes tall hats look postively small by comparison.


The new plastics are much better &cheaper then the old metals. Lots of extra bits & you can convert or make a variety of poses/weapon combos.

Nice Black Orcs there!!


i love how u did the skin