[Archive] blackhearts legion


well, i’m starting out, so first off is hello! second is have an ale, and third is this

i am working on getting neumerous bfsp boxed sets and converting them. i have already started to convert a mini but lack greenstuff. forutnatly i have lots of chaos mutation sprues.

this was going to be my starting list, any critisiim or pointers are welcomed.

lord blackheart, gauntlets of bazhrakk the cruel, great weapon, heavy armour,shield

86 pts

10 chaos dwarves

90 pts

10 chaos dwarves with blunderbusses

120 pts

40 hobgoblins, shields, standard, muscian

140 pts

2 hobgoblin bolt throwers

60 pts

total = 496 pts



Well for a start those CD units are too small, they need to be at least 12, probablly 15 strong or even in a 500pts game they’re sunk. Second ditch the bolt throwers. I know they seem like a bargain but in 500pts they’re likely only to be able to kill a maximum of 2 models a turn, and that’s if they hit and wound successfully. I like the large hobbo unit but maybe spliting it into two units of twenty would be better, just keep them near the lord!


my first goal is to get 2-3 bfsp, or more. my max that i will get is ten bfsp boxes.


You might want to buy a regiment box or two to replace on of the bfsp sets y’know, you get less stuff, but its better deatailed, easier to convert and you get more extra bits, look forward to seeing this thread develop :).


I have to agree with draco here - theres only so many hobbos, blunders and warriors you want in your army - what about cavalry and war machines, not to mention blorcs and stuff - shop around - ten BfSP boxes gets you 600 hobbos; impressive, but a real pain to paint all of thm and when would you ever use them all? even if you do, then you’ll need specialist movement trays. Ditto 120 warriors with hand weapons and shields, ten cannon, and 100 blunders. Branch out a bit