[Archive] "Blank Figures" and casualties

Tarrakk Blackhand:

Dumb idea…

Why doesn’t GW make some “blank” figures and horses that you dress up with Green Stuff or plastic pieces and make your own army, or use them as villagers and livestock?

I think it would be kool for building Buildings and dioramas to have a few non-armoured people living in the building, tending the farm, or whatever.

Also, what about a box of some random Core unit casualities from all the armies and some skeletons, broken building pieces and so on? Maybe something like : 2 dead dwarfs, 2 dead goblins, etc…

What do you guys think?

Thommy H:

Because there are other companies that offer a similar idea, with the option to purchase a commercial license for recasting. Can’t compete with that.

Tarrakk Blackhand:

That’s pretty cool Thommy.

That’s the one good thing about this web site. 9 out of 10 times, someone has an answer to something in the first 3 replys.

I wonder what other creatures are out there. at the Sentry Box in Calgary, I once found an aligator and some monkies from another gaming system that were the same “Warhammer” scale.

Thommy H:

Copplestone Castings do an African Elephant (scroll down to the bottom).

Wargames Foundary have lots of animals.

Otherworld have a few animals scattered through their collections, including some nice giant lizards.

Hasslefree have a pony!

Parrots and stuff from Brigade Games.

I’m sure I’ve seen more around, but they’re the only ones that spring to mind.


3rd edition had loads of no warrior models and casualties for every race. to bad the stopped doing that, I only got my hand on one of the drunken dwarfs…