[Archive] Blast your head! [Snotling's Blunderbusses]


In fact SO fantastic im gonna steal some of your concepts if you dont mind

Exquisite Evil
grmpf... but you can sculpt much better... okay, you can use my ideas, but only if you write "stolen from snotling, blessed is he, grand is his power" under your pics :P
no, just kidding, take it, take it, make them better than ever before! hehe, they will look cool ^^

vorhash blackmane:

Geez, I was thinking of entering the conversion contest, but now i’m not so sure, i don’t want to make a fool of myself. How on earth do you manage such great models with greenstuff? i find it will stick to anything other than the blasted mini itself! still anger and jealousy aside, let me cogatulate you, you’ll have a totally unique army when all is said and done. As for me, well i’ll plod on and maybe post some pics soon if you promise not to laugh, cheers you evil fiend:cheers


hehe, thank you ^^

it’s all about practise, and they are far away from beeing perfect. i cannot sculpt clothes and many parts could be more “symetric”… and all in all, i think, they don’t look evil enough ^^

Geez, I was thinking of entering the conversion contest, but now i’m not so sure, i don’t want to make a fool of myself.

vorhash blackmane
no no! i want to inspire other players and don’t make them think, they make a fool of themselfs ^^. keep up working, as i told, it’s all about practise :hat off




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These conversions are ace! GreenStuff to the max!

(Yay, back on topic now. :stuck_out_tongue: )


Great conversions!!:hat off

They remind me of the Van Helsing Dwergies, which is a good thing of course. I like the idea of big hat champions, it makes for a good hierarchy in your army.

Now get them painted up so we can all drool some more…


Edit: whoops a bit of thread necromancy: didn’t notice it, sorry guys…

But hopefully they’ll get painted quicker now :wink: .


No worries with the Threadomancy. As long as your comment has some substance. Unlike postsing “cool” and that is all. :stuck_out_tongue:

Plus, I basically invited you to post on this thread. :stuck_out_tongue:

The Slaver:

Excelent Cds! that idea about the bases is awsome, and i think i might just have to steal it!! Also, did you scrape the beards of the thunderers from the bfsp away first, or just build curly beards over them? i have some BB’s in production and couldn’t decide where to go with this detail. Once again awsome stuff!!


thank you guys for reanimating my threat :hat off

you like the Van Helsing Dwarfs, don’t you, Kobarf? :slight_smile: but hey, everyone does, they are very CD-ish ^^. they are done, soon, but i’m very busy in theses days, sorry :h

yep, i removed the beards, before i sculpted new. it is much better for the result.


What’s not to like, they’re evil, industrial and they dress weird…:slight_smile:

I can’t wait for the painted pics.

I also suggest removing the beard, take a look at Xander’s youtube adventure for the whole shazam.



im glad this thread was ressurected becuse otherwise i wouldnt have seen these chaos special little people. really think snotlings stuff is some of the best ive seen.


Similiar to me, I had not seen this. Very awsome CD theres. Dam, they are fine


You would have seen them when he finished painting them! :wink:

Don’t neglect the “Compiled Conversions” thread stickied at the top, it archives Conversion threads so they are easier to find. :slight_smile:

Ghrask Dragh:

Sorry to bring up an old point but… they are awesome :cheers!!!

The green stuff and character of these minis is an inspiration can’t wait to see them painted!

Traitor King:

Oh man! these are so win!

They’re just insane, i cant wait of colpled models/more photos.

How were the guns themsleves made?


it is’n very difficult, but needs some practise. i made it with GS, a plastic tube and a marble (softgun ammo ^^). maybe someday i’ll make a turtorial, when i build the last two archers ('cause i only have 16, i don’t like the backs with the capes for normal troopers so i want to change them…)

EDIT: if you want more photos… here you are :hat off

okay… it’s not much new, except the standart and the unit base (which isn’t very spectacular :))