[Archive] [Blog] Chaos (Dwarf) Army *DO done*


OK, Xander has been bugging me again, and again, and again to repost everything I had collected over at HoH.org

So I’ll make a list of what I’ve got finished and will add whatever gets done next.

I was going to wait untill my BC were done, but 2 of them met a frustrated Bjorni this evening and ended up in pieces. :mad



Lord on Taurus

Hero on foot


Based on the Hellcannon crew.


Core Units

I’m using Gnoblars as naked Hobgobs. 4 units of these are done by now.

My regular CD unit. Plastic Dwarfs, CW heads + weapons, Marauder shields, GS beards.

My 2 Blunderbuss units.

I use new Night Goblins for the Hobgobs with upgrades

10 Hobgobs with bows

My unit of 25 Ard Gobs

Special Units

Bolt Thrower, using the Gnoblars as crew again. These 4 are just the old Dwarf BT with Helcannon wheels added on.

My Deathrocket still waiting for paint.

Rare Units

My Earthshaker is based on a Hellcannon, I cut about a third of both the barrel and the chassis.

My Bull Centaurs, bane of my painting table atm.

I was using these as stand-ins for a while, because I was waiting on bits.


I’m doing some unit fillers atm because I want another unit of 25 CDs and to get something cool and freaky in the army, model-wise.

I also have some command models for my Blunderbuss units in progress atm and that’s about it as far as my planning goes.

To do:

Bull Centaurs (grrrr, and later expanding them to 10 including a character…to BSB or not to BC BSB??)


2 unit fillers

13 regular CD including Full Command

6 Blunderbusses (2x Full Command)

I really would like to replace all the Gnoblars with the new Night Gobbo conversions, but it’s 60+ models and the left arm of the new NG is a problem if you want a nekkid Hobgob.

2K army list I’m using atm:

Lord on Taurus, Black Hammer, Armour o/t Furnace, shield

BSB, 1+ save, Sword of Might

Sorc, L1, Scroll

Sorc, L1, 2x Scroll

24 CD, FC, Warbanner

4x 15 Naked Hobgobs

10 Hobgobs Archers

25 Hobgobs with light armour, shields, standard and music

2x 15 Blunderbusses

4 Bolt Throwers

1 Earth Shaker

5 Bull Centaurs, heavy armour, GW

Played about 16 games so far, won 14, drawn 2 (bloody draws they were as well)

Anyway, hope you like it, Q’s C&C always welcome,




Wow. Love it every time I see it. I especially like the Slave Driver for the Gnoblar slaves.

Your war machines are also excellent. The death rocket looks slick, and the Earthshaker is great too.

Your Taurus is a beast! Love it.

Cheers! :cheers


Love the Taurus, like everything else in your army.

:hat off~MM


Great individual models… Unbelievable army… BRAVO!


This is all incredibly cool. You got very bright, vivid colors going on here and yet you still make everything look excellent and realistic. I am very jealous of people who can do this. My armies always end up looking like trash no matter how long or hard I work on them.

Hashut’s Blessing:

Excellent army, well kept theme, good use of gnoblars as basic slaves and night goblins as higher slaves (well, ya know what I mean). The first ogre is one of my favourite models in your army. Out of curiosity, where are the horns for it from?


The horns on there are the horns that go with that Defiler head, only cut off, shortened and repositioned.

The original helmet with the horns pointing straight up is way too long to suit an Ogre size model.

We found this out while building some Dragon Ogres:

The second one from the left has the horns still in original position, while the last one has them twisted, but not shortened.



Uzkul Werit:

A very nice army, the Great Taurus being my favourite. The Lord on it looks a little too big but it’s miles better than my try. All I did was get the WE Great Stag and put some wings on it!

Hashut’s Blessing:

Cool. Well, it’s good to see that you learn from your previous work. If that’s the case, I won’t be able to bear seeing any new models! He he he.

The Flying Beaver:

What did the Taurus’ wings come from?


Balrog/Fellbeast from the Lotr range, with the slender bit cut off.


Balrog/Fellbeast from the Lotr range, with the slender bit cut off.

I thought GW didn't allow for bits crossovers like that? Can you use that at Tournies and in the GW store?


I thought GW didn't allow for bits crossovers like that? Can you use that at Tournies and in the GW store?

no, but who cares? this is pretty dumb that they forbid this kind of combination so i reject it. combine everything that looks good, these are your minis, you pay for them, you can do, what you want!

:hashut Raise your hands for the spirit of converting!!! :hashut

:hat off


If I’m not mistaken GW will never actively promote or showcase the mixing of bits/IP, like in a WD army showcase, or awarding someone a best army award at a GWGT. (there was a mixup a little while ago in the USWD IIRC)

So you can use it and stuff, just don’t count on any hobby"fame".




I used to work for GW, and you have no idea how many headaches those rediculous restrictions caused.��The last time I went to visit my local store, they were not even allowed to use the words “Lord of the Rings” or even “LOTR” in promotional flyers!��However, I was told recently that the rules restricting cross-range conversions had been done away with completely…

re:��The army!

I’m not usually a fan of the dwarf body/chaos warrior head look, but I think Bjorni’s are quite successful!��The great taurus in particular is fantastic, and the ogre fillers make me all tingly inside!��:hat off


The rules have indeed been done away with completely! :cheers New Line doesn’t care so much any more now the films and DVDs have been out a few years, so they’ve allowed GW to use different bitz for conversions. This is why there is now an LOTR components service on the online store. Keen eyed folk will notice that LOTR models have increased in scale to about the same size as WFB minis…


PS, Bjorni that army rocks!! I’ve taken some of these ideas and they’re going straight into my army :cheers

Ishkur Cinderhat:

Whoa, nice conversions, very neat painting and some very original ideas. Love the earthshaker and the bolt thrower, especially. :hat off


Amazing stuff indeed. I am not such a big fan of how their heads poke up on the top, where dwarves usually have hunched necks, but very nice none the less.


A simple fix if you were to replicate the idea, however. :slight_smile: