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How do you do those rocky bases, they look awesome! :hat off[/align]


Hello again everybody old and new,

2 bits of news, good and bad

The bad thing is my Chaos Dwarf Army is stuck in a case since April. I finished 2000 pts and never got anything else finished (like those Bull Centaurs, the Deathrocket or the Ogre unit fillers). I’ll never, ever Dip anything again, it completely destroyed my motivation to paint for fun and painting over white is the most extreme torture for me.

Good thing (for me at least) is that after the painting-dip I picked up some Chaos stuff again for Nemesis Crown and got to updating my Warriors and Knights. (I still had 2 units each of the old hunchback ones) They are now happily spinning circles in the cabinet of my local GW. I finally got around to do a chariot and a Dragon Ogre conversion that I had been thinking about for a while. Xander and I talked about it a while back so I decided to post them here as well, just to show some Chaos stuff and be 0.5 on topic.

I’ll try to get pics of the stuff in the store somewhere this week, but here are my DO and Warriors+BSB.

Still some GS work to do on 2 of them and I’m thinking about adding horns to the helmets.

Some more pics of the finished stuff, but my photo-fu now really has deserted me and they are horrid pics.

The chariot and knights are more converted than the regular warriors, let’s see if I can get some better snaps of them.



PS Sorry about the half OT stuff, but I noticed semi-bloggin about a project motivates me to keep at it. So consider yourselves a valuable part of this army. :wink:


The bases are made with rough cork, mine is just a 1 euro tea-coaster broken into rough pieces.

Lord Darkash:

it all looks awesome! especially those dragon ogres, keep it up! (Photo-Fu lol) :slight_smile:

The Flying Beaver:

I’ve always wanted to see a decent Dragon Ogre conversion, and you’ve done it. Thanks for posting these Bjorni!


Its all good stuff here ,not sure if i like the chaos heads on the CD but they are slightly marauderish .Excellent taurus he looks well mean:hat off


the crossover rules have basically been done away with for a while. With the only exception of stuff that actually gets published. So while you could certainly use it in store, and i believe at a GT, they wouldnt be able to take pics the website or white dwarf.

I’m still a little surprised youre even able to bitz order LOTR parts. That certainly took long enough.


Sweet conversions man! Great stuff. … I am such a sucker for conversions. Heh.

Ghrask Dragh:


I’m another one of those who is not so keen on using the Chaos helms sitting here and thinking ‘you know, thats not bad’!

The hobgoblins look great and thats the best bolt thrower I’ve seen!!

I hope its encouraged alot of the people who visit the GW store to collect CDs, I can’t see how it wouldn’t!

:hat off


Here are some pics of the stuff I already did last month. GS work on the Dragon Ogres is for this evening when I had some food and it cooled down a bit here.

I just added the Chaos Icon to the Knight Banner today after I made this pic, the banner now looks like the Warrior one with half a Defiler Chaos Icon stuck on top.

Ok, off to the kitchen and then stuff some more Dragon Scales.


Ghrask Dragh:


That is the meanest looking chariot I have ever seen!!!

Can’t wait to see those Dragon Ogres! :hat off Bjorni


Very nice Bjorn! Working hard I see, that slow in the store?! :wink:

Tim. (ex-GW Amsterdam) :stuck_out_tongue:


that’s awsome! You seem to like Dragon Ogres very much! Do you have any pic of other chaos characters?


- Kyte


Thanks guys,

No Tim, it’s pretty busy actually, I did all these somewhere last month, mostly at home, some simple glueing took place in the store.

Do you still pop in the Adam store now and again, I have a bag with various CD monster bits lying here for you, I’ll let Robert take them to A’dam whenever he goes up next.

Kyte, I do have some pics of various Chaos stuf I did over the last 2 years, but nothing in this style as I just got around to using the “new” Chaos Warrior plastics. I had other projects in the works in the meantime. I have a new Chaos Sorcerer on steed standing on my desk and plans for a Exalted hero on foot conversion.

Anyway, here a Beast BSB:

Otherwise just browse here.

I did various other projects in the meantime, so when I look back at those Beast piccies I cringe a bit inside.

Green Stuff on the Dragon Ogres is done, hope to start painting tomorrow evening but I heard some whispers about cold beer…


Great, thanks Bjorn.

Sometimes (or quite many times actually) I’m jealous of your quick ability to paint to a good standard.


That is a seriously hardcore chariot!


Ya, the chariot is awesome. Great use of Hellcannon bits.

The Evil Twin:

ok, meny gays have tried to make a army whit cw heads and dw dodys and most of them have faild but you have sucsewed… but why diping:sad!!!

and the chaos(mortal) army is apsolutly amasing:hat off


Hi again,

After some delays (forgetting to green stuff half the DO is not a good thing if you want to paint in the evening, and not-drying undercoat is an “�aargh”-moment) I finally got a chance to sit down yesterday-evening and this afternoon. So the DO are done, nothing special, but I’m happy with them for the time invested.

I now have the mounted Sorcerer and Archie on foot on my desk, I’m trying to get 1 done before I leave for vacation Sunday afternoon.

Thanks for all the kind words,


PS @ The Evil Twin: I dipped them because I would NEVER do a CD army, and I also would NEVER dip an army, does that make sense? (Could you please at least try to make legible post, thanks)


Well done, those look pretty sweet, the only thing I would have done different would have been to give it claw hands, not hooves. But everything else works. Stellar conversions, good paintjobs. Nice.


Those dragon ogres look very expensive, but I must admit they’re very cool.

Great paint job too.