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40inch Walking Cane.

5foot5inch Staff - Empire inspired.

The staff is going to have a copy of the game world copied onto it as a globe, I quite like it tbh - the ocean is the only thing on it so far (more painting to come.

Any views? Ideas?


For such a staff I will give you all of my dollars!


It is a concept piece, a further picture in a sec will show why…


Those are great, I love the runes on the cane and the staff top is amazing.


…and this is why they are a concept idea:-

Yes, I’ve made them glow! :smiley:

Thommy H:

Nice. One quick observation though: I may be wrong, but it looks like you’ve highlighted them like you’d highlight a Warhammer figure. The thing is, the reason miniatures should be highlighted is because light interacts differently with different sized objects, which is why you can tell the difference between a real car and a toy car without needing to measure them, or even see them relative to something else. “Faking” the way light falls on a small object by giving it exaggerated patches of light and shade can make it appear to be life sized. Given that these are already life size, you probably shouldn’t highlight them the same way - it makes them look a bit cartoonish. It’s kind of a cool look (in a sort of cell-shaded, video-gamey way), but I’m not sure it’s what you’re going for.


Yeah the lines are made with that effect as the glow in the dark paint only comes in one tone, mix it, you loose the glow.

So I went for a bronze that could be highlighted to look normal in the sunshine nad glow by night. I did start with the idea of just where sun would catch it, but it looked wrong.

Its kinda the effect I was after, but I quite pleased that it glows quite well, the night shots don’t quite do it justice really.


That and cartoonish for larp is fine, we are pretending to be wizards and barbarians at the end of the day! :smiley:


Cool! :slight_smile:

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Nice weapons, can’t wait to see them finished


when they are finished they have a clear varnish on them to, so they look kinda funky (but that comes last)

Blue in VT:

:hat off Dude…these look Bad ass…I’m not so sure about the glow in the dark thing but the rest is super cool!