[Archive] Blog? Why not... (Snotling's Chaos Dwarfs)


Okay, to start, i list up the CDs i’ve painted. more will follow… i hope ^^

just tell me, if you like them or not.

Lord, Znoth the Infernal

This is my Sorcer, using the Lore of Fire. He is build of the BfSP Slayer. The puppet is scratchbuild, the hand is from the BfSP cannon crew.

To lead my units, i need these guys:

And the leards need something to lead. so I build some Warriors. in the future, theyy become more, i promise :smiley:

that’s all… in this moment :wink:

comments welcome!

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Man. Your [[BFSP]] skills are unmatched! Truly amazing work, an inspiration for us all! In fact, both Kyte and I copied your Lord, and Kyte also copied your Sorcerer! Haha! Keep it up man, can’t wait for those painted [[Blunderbusses]]!

Keep up the amazing work!


ai, to much comliments! ^^ on every of my minis is one (or more) point i could complain about ^^. but hey, i’ll give my to inspire you… it’s everything for you, guys :slight_smile:

Hashut’s Blessing:

I still can’t get over how much I love that puppet! (But, not in the Slaaneshi way!) I also REALLY like the way that you’ve managed to make a, quite frankly, crap model into something so cool.


Stellar conversions!

You’ve given me reason to hold onto my Skull Pass dwarfs.


Stellar conversions!
You've given me reason to hold onto my Skull Pass dwarfs.

You wouldn't happen to be Kris Aubin would you? World famous Chaos Dwarf general, WD Canada dude, and all around nice guy?


That’s really nice.

It makes me regret painting up my BfSP Dwarfs as regular Dwarfs.

Hashut’s Blessing:

I LOVE the colour scheme too. It implies wealth, but living in a volcanic area of the world and is dark enough to say we’re not the nice guys, but not so dark as to say we’re cliched evil!


you’re mad!

- Kyte

Hashut’s Blessing:

Who me?


They’re absolutely fantastic - and IMO quite stylised. I find the Sorc especially macabre (probably because of the mask and puppet), and Znoth the Infernal seems very fitting for the general. However, my favourite models are the unit champions.

Anyway, fantastic job! Are these all from the BFSP set?


Are these all from the BFSP set?
They are, it's quite annoying how good he is :p
You should check out his BB unit also, they're fantastic!


you're mad!

me? no i'm... ehm... blessed by Hashut, beware! :D

Hashut’s Blessing:

Wait, I thought I was Hashut’s Blessing unto the world, not a single being. oh well, if I am what has made you so great, can I claim credit? :smiley:


I love the style of your CDs.

And did somit useful with the crappy slayer.


very very nice done and very ery nice painting but how did you painted the lava???

grtz lord Varut


how did you painted the lava???

it's not difficult, i started with scab red and painted it with lighter colours till golden yellow. it were 5 layers.

Hashut’s Blessing:

I like the fact that the lava is “dripping” off of the bases, which I hadn’t properly noticed before.


What exactly, exactly, is your process for applying your red paint on the above miniatures?


What exactly, exactly, is your process for applying your red paint on the above miniatures?

for the red, i start with scab red, then a 1:1 mixture scab red and blood red and then pure blood red. after all, i paint a thinned layer chestnut ink over the red parts.