[Archive] Blood bowl help


My girlfriend just got hired to paint a chaos dwarf blood bowl team including a minatuar, 2 bull centaurs, hobgoblins and dwarfs. I have thought about this army for a while, but the colour scheme has alluded me for a while, anyone got any suggestions for these figures?

She is a fantastic painter and if anyone wants to see pictures let me know…of the chaos dwarfs of course.


The fun thing about painting Blood Bowl teams is that you can step outside the “normal” color schemes associated with a particular race. I tend to paint my teams in bright colors like you would see on real-world sports teams. Maybe look thru some websites for the NFL/NHL/Whatever and see if anything jumps out at you.

My Chaos Dwarf Team is done in a fiery orange with dark green trim and flames on their helmets. Not a traditional CD look at all.

If you want to go with something really original, you could claim they’re an expansion team or a team that was sold and moved to a new city. For some reason they always get the most garish uniforms…


Strong contrasting colors are what most professional sports teams use. Really its up to you.


thanks, I will pass that along to her!