[Archive] Blood Bowl Hobgoblins

The Stormchild:

Hail friends! :hat off

My CD army consists of a regiment of CDs including a standard bearer, a musician and a champion, regiment of blunderbusses, two deathrockets, a great tauros and a Lammasu.

But I feel something is missing, hobgoblins.

Usually if I needed something I’d just check ebay but on this occasion I thought I’d do some conversion using some BB Hobgoblins.

I’d be getting 8 hobgoblins and 4 CDs.


What do you think?

Is it worth paying the GW price or trying my luck bidding on ebay for hobgoblins?


Ebay- I wouldn’t pay that much for 8 hobbo’s. I’d convert from normal goblins, even.

Da Crusha:

I think its a cool idea to use BB models in your army (especially since Ive been using 2nd ed. BB CD’s as my earthshaker crew) but paying GW prices gets too expensive I would rather wait to find them on ebay.

The Stormchild:

You both make good points.
Though in this case the only HGs I can find on ebay are on their own and it would be too much of a hassle to buy them all separately.
I think I may just save up and get the BB ones unless something pops up on ebay within that time.
(Plus I think the BB models look pretty cool IMO).