[Archive] Blood bowl team 2nd Edition


Hi, an other tribut for the chaos dwarfs fans…

Black bases = Chaos dwarfs centaurs

Brown bases = Chaos dwarfs

Green bases = Hob gobbos


Are they all unconverted? Nice paintjobs on them,


Beautiful, straight and simple. Love you :smiley:

Da Crusha:

wow very cool minis and very nice paint job! how do you paint metal? u are painting nmm right?


Nice team

Number 7 and 11 are the same mini correct? It’s the one mini that I do not have.

If you do have one spare, please drop me a PM



Thank for your nice comments.

Players N°7 & 11 are a limited release but you can find easily on ebay.

Some players in this team are converted but very lightly.

Yes, I use nmm technic for metal :

- Snakebite leather for Gold metal

- Chaos Black and Codex grey  for black métal

- Codex Grey for blade and chain mail

Add Skull white and consider where the light come… hard work at the beginning but after 3, 4 month that becomes instinctive, just one word : WORK, WORK, WORK … :slight_smile:


Oldskool, nice! :cheers


Impressive team and nice painting! :slight_smile:


Pure awesomeness here!


wow great work Slambo they look amazing :slight_smile:


Wow you’ve done a great job on some really classic models, top marks! Your NMM is excellent, what’s your recipie?