[Archive] blood drops?


I have been wondering how to make these blood drops as seen on this model of a chaos spawn from the 6th ed HoC.

If anyone knows how this is done could you please share the technique?


I’m fairly sure its done by dripping pva glue. You let a droplet dry on the tip of the spawn’s claw, then add another droplet onto it. Repeat a few times and you should have a fair sized droplet hanging off. It will of course dry opaque, so will need painting. Might take some practice in getting the droplets to the right size and shape, but they should come off easily if you need to start again.

turquois dwarf:

in the warhammer 25th white dwarf someone dooes it to harry the hammer by dripping paint down a hair glued to the model


If you need it to stay transparent or translucent, as the above posts say, you’'ll have to do trial and error with glues.

However, if you plan to paint over it anyways, an easy and much more precise method is to use green stuff moulded around a flexible wire, such as the inside of a twist tie!


If you want it to remain translucent you need to get some fibre optic cable. It can be really cheap or free from the right place :wink:

Another one would be fishing tackle maybe?


Thanks for the tips everyone, I will see what I can do!

If I find one of the ways to be really cool & easy I will post it back and share the method. :cheers


If you mix some paint or ink (presumably red ink for blood) with the PVA that is how it was done on an old WD article on the Eldar Avatar IIRC.
If that is too translucent for you you can always paint it red afterwards and gloss it to make it like shiny fresh blood, maybe.
I am sure the article said to let the glue dry a little, but not set, then tease the drop out to elongate it with a pin or something. But take my words with a pinch of salt, as i have yet to try this myself.


Ahhh the old ink in the PVA trick eh!

Not bad at all, Thankyou for the tip. :hat off

If anyone else gets around to doing anything like this before I do, would love to see your results.