[Archive] Blood Moon Bogs


clam posted the evil dwarf greens from blood moon but much more I like the Bods!

They reminds me of the old GW Fimir!

Here they are: Blood Moon Miniatures


Kera foehunter:

They are some nice figures!!  Not bad stands eather

Gar Shadowfame:

these are fimir like 9 to 10. kool models


nice,fimir are back…they look much better then the old gw ones(never liked them)


I loved the old GW ones - and would really like to have a few in my collection of old citades - but damn they are hard to get.

And the blood moon alternatives?? - guess they are not that bad, but they can never substitute the genuine ones.


I like these new Fimir/Bogs … they will make good auxiliar/mercenary troopers. :cheers

If necessary they can count as … Ogers or …!!! :wink:


Kera foehunter:

they have some other cool figures too thanks for the link Zanko

Father Grumpmas:

I bought these guys - they are even better in the "flesh’.

The cheesy grin on the hero is more frightening up close :o


They do bear more than a passing resemblance to the old Fimir.


Now those guys I like !


@ Father Grumpmas

What sized base are they on? Looks like 25mm.

Father Grumpmas:

@ Father Grumpmas  

What sized base are they on?  Looks like 25mm.

Yep - 25x25mm - they are the same basic size as the plastic heroquest fimir that they are copied from.


I’ll be buying some of these for sure - maybe as ‘counts as’ nurgle forsaken… seriously awesome minis and I’ve always wanted a fimir warband


I have a big pile of these, bought for HeroQuest…


If the rumoured Daemonkin unit appears for beastmen these guys would be perfect counts as versions.