[Archive] Bloodbowl Computergame now with Chaos Dwarfs

Singleton Mosby:

This looks interesting. Even though it has a lot of flaws I am a fan of the computergame. No idea what the price of this is but I think I’ll get it.


The Chaos Dwarf is a bit too cartoony, but the BC looks great!

Looks like it must be a CD vs Orcs game at a Dwarf stadium.

Hashut’s Blessing:

From what I know of this, it’s an expansion for PC.

That being said, it’d make sense if it was also DLC for xbox360.

Da Crusha:

this expansion also has the never before seen, Khorne team. they are brand new and this is the only way to play them so far. rumors have spread about there skills and stats but nothing confirmed to the best of my knowledge.


Khorne roster has been confirmed, it’s terrible, mangled by GW intervention.

The title is PC only and won’t be coming out for the X-box 360 which runs an outdated rules system.

Won’t be getting it bar some sort of crazy sale price, I vastly prefer the atmosphere of tabletop.

Da Crusha:

Khorne roster has been confirmed, it's terrible, mangled by GW intervention.

really?!? How did it change? do you have a link?

Singleton Mosby:

There’s some more information on the games site.

Chaos Dwarfs are the twisted descendants of Dwarf explorers who have been terribly affected by the forces of Chaos, turning them into evil, self-centered creatures. In one way they haven�?Tt changed at all, they still love playing Blood Bowl!

The Chaos Dwarfs are defense-oriented teams, benefiting from the great velocity of their bull centaur retrievers and from a very powerful front line that can endure (and apply) a lot of pressure. Also, one of their strongest characteristics is that powerful players, like bull centaurs, unlock their powerful skills very quickly.

The main weakness of the Chaos Dwarfs stands in their poor ball-handling skills. Indeed, due to their tiny size and low agility, they have to rely on hobgoblins in order to push the game forward. Hobgoblins are quite agile, but are also very prone to get crushed by any opponent, save maybe for Halflings!

Funny btw how the pre-order page is still 401 two days before release

Da Crusha:

wow only 2 days huh? I gotta get a new computer! :stuck_out_tongue:

Singleton Mosby:

Seems like it is only �,� 10,- if you own any of the previous versions of the game.


Blood bowl, on both tapletop and video game, seems like a lot of fun. If, or when, GW decides to revisit their popular Blood Bowl game with new miniature releases and possibly a new rulebook they’d be daft if they did not use the new colour drawings made for the Blood Bowl game.

Singleton Mosby:

Game is out now.

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Hopefully the new Khorne rules for the PC game will make them bring out a Khorne team, or at least rules for one for use in BB.

Groznit Goregut:

The expansion is only $10 if you have one of the previous editions. I do and really like the game. I played a match vs. computer with Chaos Dwarfs and it was pretty fun. Hope to play more soon, but am in a League for the Waaaghcast Cup as Orcs. Lost my last match to the dirty, dirty Skaven…

Da Crusha:

I lost my last game against the skaven also, was using ogres. those dang gutterrunners were dodging left and right in front of my snotlings, stole the ball and hand it off downfield meanwhile my ogres had like 3 boneheads that turn.


I love the PC game but now Chaos Dwarfs are out I can finally play my favourite tabletop team!


I’ve always been a die-hard fan of blood bowl, and couldn’t resist buying this ‘expansion’…

I’m now fielding chaos dwarfs (one of the few teams I’ve never played), and I’m wiping the floor with my opposition (at difficulty medium). I’m almost through my last match of the second event, and have only lost one match up 'till now (but only if you count goals and not casulties).

At the same time, tmy player group is reactivating for a new blood bowl league (tabletop)… my Norse will take to the field once more!

Happy days :slight_smile:


Apologies for threadomancy, but does anyone know if this will run on Windows 8?


Apologies for threadomancy, but does anyone know if this will run on Windows 8?

Yes it runs on windows 8(I've done it)


Apologies for threadomancy, but does anyone know if this will run on Windows 8?

Yes it runs on windows 8(I've done it)

Ta mate. Off to purchase ;)


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