[Archive] Blunderbuss and Buildings

Lord Archaon:

If a unit of Blumderbusses is in a Building, how do they shoot?

All around within 12 or you must choose a direction?

If all around then it is a great combo.:0

What do you think?

Lord Zarkov:

Go here:


in the actual document p6, right hand column, just above 'Magic’

Judging by the wording ‘…as wide as the face of the building…’ I would say that a side needs to be chosen; still pretty powerful though

Lord Archaon:

Then they can shoot only forward, backward, left or right?

And then an ideal plan to the Enemy is to assualt the building where Blumderbusses can’t shoot them.:~

| |

can’t shoot | can shoot |can’t shoot

_______ ___________ _________

| |

| Building |

can shoot | |can shoot

|___ | ________

| |

can’t shoot | can shoot | can’t shoot

| |


this is correct according to the rules…

so yes… a diagonal assault nullifies BBs…


Well isn’t that bull$#!t…

I’d rule that you could fire diagonally, it would be in between the sizes of the two walls.

So if north wall is 8" wide, west wall is 6" wide, and you fire northwest, the shot is 7" wide.