[Archive] Blunderbuss' for sale


Hi guys, exactly what it says on the tin. I paid stupid money for these while drunk on ebay and have no need for them due to me trading up for a FW LoA army.

So 16 guys sold as seen in the picture.

I’ll stick em up here for reasonable offers before i go to ebay, I’m not looking for crazy money, and I’ll post anywhere.

Based in Ireland.


Would you consider splitting?

I need the three with thier guns in the air


If nobody wants the lot by monday, i’ll ship 'em out to you.

If people want a group buy i can split them and ship them separately.

What’s a fair price per mini nowadays? Not crazy ebay prices.


…If Frogbear is willing to split & the price is affordable I’d gladly pick up 8.


Am not looking for blunderbusses cause I got enough for the moment but I was looking for them at a price between 4 and 6 gbp.


The price will be affordable, any takers on the last 5?

Bad Gram Northern:

I’m looking for High hat dwarfs for cheap. I know that you can get a much better price on ebay than what I’m offering.

I would take the whole lot at �,�3 per model, including shipping to Belgium.

I know I don’t offer very much but that’s all I can afford really.


If they were £4-£6 each how about we stay at £4.


It is to help me finish off my collection so I am fine with that

Need confirmation on total including postage cost to Australia if this is going ahead


Hi Frogbear,

I had an offer for the lot of them, but they weren’t willing to split it with you. Since you were first I’ll offer you the lot for the same price. £60GBP shipped, registered insured post with tracking number to your door.

If you want to try to grab some people to go in with you i’ll ship multiple packages for the same price (i.e £60 total)

If you don’t want it let me know and I’ll give the other guy a shout.


With things in my life as they are at the moment i will pass on the lot buy. Would love to but cannot. Thanks for holding for me though. Regards