[Archive] Blunderbuss idea


Unit armed with 14" range missile weapons, move and shoot.  Strength 3, +1 per subsequent rank up to S5 (ranks count if at least 5 wide).

Special Missile Weapon:

The Blunderbuss is an �?~unusual shooting attack�?T that ignores the �?~fire in 2 ranks�?T rule.  

Kill Zone:

Units of Blunderbussers have a front arc only, not a 90 degree arc of sight.  Each model in the front rank can fire independently of those around it, and target any enemy unit within their range.

Each Blunderbusser will hit not one, but 3 models in the enemy unit; one in the front, one in the second and one in the third rank.

Front rank models:  Hit on a 4+

Second rank models:  Hit on a 5+

Third rank models:  Hit on a 6

I think the rules above take into account their special form of attack, also allowing them the extra strength of ranks.  I upped the range a little, because of the increase in the average charge range.


Rather than post it in the Indy thread, seeing as it would probably drag it off on a tangent.

Conceptually there are a few issues with the Blunderbuss as I see it, hopefully none of them caused by my misunderstanding all this time how it was supposed to be played :wink:

Firstly, the concept of ‘over shooting’.  By this I mean that a 5 wide unit could hit many, many ranks of troops.  

Secondly, fluffwise it should be much easier to hit the front rank, and increasingly harder to hit those behind them.

Thirdly, because some of the ammo is passing through the bodies/armour/ shields etc that the strength of the attack should logically decrease the more ranks it passes through.

Lastly, the fact that unlike every other missile unit in the game (afaik), they fire in 1 rank but the strength is increased fluffwise because of those behind adding their shot.

I will try to address each of these in turn in the rules above.

1.  I’ve changed it to be max 3 ranks.  So it tones them down a bit.

2.  Changed to be 4+ up to 6.

3.  Logically I should change this to be -1S per rank… But I think I’ll leave it the same for now.  Or should I?  Or just keep it at S4?

4.  I can’t think of a way to improve this without fundamentally changing the way it works I’ll leave it the same for now as well.


I think might work better if instead of it of the to hit increasing the strength should be reduces. But we will just have to see what works well in practice.


It seems a bit overly complicated for a basic shooting weapon. I am not even sure I understood how it works, to be honest.


Hmm, that is true… if it fails the KISS test then it needs changing.

The basic idea is that it was a rank penetrating missile weapon that reflected the decreasing strength and ability to hit.

The first thing to change then is to keep the strength fixed at 4, armour piercing.

What about:

Range 14"

Move or shoot

Strength 4

Armour piercing

Front rank of blunderbussers has +2 to hit, second rank has +1 to hit.

Da Crusha:

having each rank hit on a different score is overly complicated in my opinion. why not just use volley instead?

like this:

range 14"
move or shoot
Strength 4
armour piercing