[Archive] blunderbuss move and shoot


In a recent game I played very aggressively with my blunderbuss unit, and my skaven opponent tried to avoid them by running past them.

I realized… a turn is 1/4 move, and adding frontage is 1/4 move, so I was able to turn 90 degrees and shoot every model in his unit with St5

2 games into my new Chaos Dorf army and Im realizing blunderbuss love infantry, hate big monsters.


They really love unarmoured T3, 20mm base infantry, against Orcs/Chaos Warriors they’re still ok.

But use them well against Elves/Humans/Skaven/Vampires and you’ll love them.

Don’t forget they are still dwarves, so stay close to your BSB and flank any unit thay comes through your hail of fire next turn with something small and green. :slight_smile: