[Archive] Blundies Unit Width

Hashut’s Blessing:

Personally, if it’s a horde army you’re fighting against it’s better to go wide as possible with as many units as possible and not worry about ranks. Number of hits over strength. Maybe have them 5 wide and 2 deep if you want. Against a non horde army, try to keep them packed close with ranks. So, 5 by 3 deep or 6 by 3 deep.

Just some theoryhammer.


I take units of 18, deplyed 5 wide so I have some reserve to keep the strength up

or if I’m facing a horde, either 24 in 2 ranks, 12 wide - (it’s fun hitting two units at once) or 21, (deployed in a 6 with some strenght keeping resrves at the back


Looks like I’ll have 2 units of 15, 5 wide. Just picked up some dwarf thunderers for some bits and can now make another unit of blundies.