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So many people are currently using a converted from the Weapons and Warriors set as their Earthshaker. My best friend had two of these games lying about, so I got 3 cannons out of it.
I was wondering if anyone had used the
(Mighty Crossbow) from the same set as their bolt thrower. I was thinking about it, and was wondering if there were any other conversions using this piece floating around.

Kera foehunter:

thats a tuffy .i dont know but that would be a cool idea.Doogle heck i like the looks of that. You could do some real cool stuff.

Pyro Stick:

That would be a cool bolt thrower. You could maybe ask xander about it cause he found the cannons on sale for a $1 store somewhere. Maybe the same store has the bolt thrower.


Be worth a try, I’m still not entirely sure what the set is

Pyro Stick:

Be worth a try, I'm still not entirely sure what the set is

Xander said he got it from something called Siege.


The set ic called Weapons and Warriors. This particular machine ,along with the cannon, came with the siege version. They have a pirate version that has large ships that come with. Easy ships for ship battles.

But yeah. I guess I will just hit up some old history books, see what I can do with this.


now you did it. mention pirates and Kera gets all excited.

is the game still in production?


To be honest, I don’t know. Just Google Weapons and Warriors, and it should bring up some good sites that sell it. It took me awhile to find pics of those two parts lol.

I have a few pics of how I am going to convert one of the bolt throwers. Will post next time I log in.

Lava Lord:

I had the game and I cannibalized it for warhammer. When I first got bit by the Chaos Dwarf Bug, I took the seige motar from the game, painted it up nice and used it as an earthshaker. Everyone thought it was neat and kept firing dice and pieces out of it. I used the bolt thrower from the game with no objections. It is a little bulkly though. The large catapult works great as a trebuchet and again the gamers thought it was cool, as well as actually shooting things with it. I have the cannon and thought it would be great for the giant cannon of Middenhiem of Storm of Chaos. All in all, the motar and catapult work very well with no conversion, just some paint. :cheers

Kera foehunter:

Don’t shoot your eye out!!!


So this is what I currently got. That is the only dwarf I currently own, and I am attempting to get the coloring right.

Anyways, that is the front mouth plate to a chaos defiler, and those are the spike bits from the chaos vehicle spike sprue. The dwarf is there for size comparison.

Anyways, I was thinking about adding some skulls on the little circles where the bow arms come out, and turning them into half skull braziers.

Any ideas?


from this angle that looks really cool, massive but very cool :cheers

Ishkur Cinderhat:

Very nice idea and the conversion looks promising! :slight_smile:

Remember though that the bolt throwers are crewed by Hobgoblins, not Dawi Zharr.

Kera foehunter:

i like it big ,mean and scary


Not a bad idea. And yes, I could probably find a whack load of these since I recently found some more cannons. They are indeed big. But not necessarily a bad thing. They do look pretty sweet now that I look at them. Well done Doogle!


That would look damned impressive sitting on top of a tower in a siege game.


Very nice idea and the conversion looks promising! :)

Remember though that the bolt throwers are crewed by Hobgoblins, not Dawi Zharr.

Ishkur Cinderhat
I know. I only put it there for size comparison. I have a few older metal gretchin from 40k that I plan to convert into hobgobs.
whenever I get more of it together I will post it online. I plan on making a mold of the defiler plate, so that I don't have to keep running around and buying/trading for only that bit.


Looks good are you planing on using anything special as the bolt?.

Hashut’s Blessing:

Looks good. not sure if it’s too big for me to use though. Doesn’t matter as I have enough BTs anyway. Damnit. The faceplate looks friggin’ awesome. Out of curiosity, what will it stand on? I’m assuming it’ll be on some kind of elevation so it can skewer people, not shins, but at the same time, it’d have to be quite low for gretchins.


Nice one these sets are still for sale or other very similiar sets in Toys r us and WH Smith in uk they always have interesting cannons and siege equipment .I am always tempted to get loads as it would cost about the same as one of the new Gripping Beast Trebuchet:hat