[Archive] Bone color and mummy skin help


OK so i’m to be doing this commission for this guy who wants the tomb kings minus the heavy washing and dip. I have two big concerns, first is that my ancient bone recipe is not up to the task. Second I don’t have a really good mummified skin recipe. So I turn to you guys for help. Here is my ancient bone recipe for starters:

Basecoat Khemri Brown

First highlightKommando Kaki

Final highlight Bleached Bone

Very diluted glaze of Devlun Mud

I have very little to no idea on the skin part. I’m not sure i’m a fan of how GW does their mummy skin. From pictures i’ve seen they seem to be either a muddy brown or black. Really can’t figure out what I should do here.

So please let me know what you guys think of the bone color and what I can do for the skin.


The skin can be done in several ways: either dried-out brown, or a classical 1930’s greenish tint, or grey skin (again dried-out but with more mouldering of the flesh).

Brown would be the easiest:

basecoat (chaos) black

scorched brown,

highlight scorched brown earth with snakebite leather

wash/ highlight snakebite leather.

Highlight very edges with snakebite leather/bleached bone mix.

You can try to add a bit of red in the scorched brown parts.

The green tint:

scorched brown/ graveyard earth as basecoat

mix a dark green (dark angels for instance) with purple (just a bit)

mix lighter green (snotgreen/ goblin green) with the darker green for the next highlight

check out the result. If not happy, glaze with purple.

Possibly highlight with lighter green + bleached bone

grey face:

Black basecoat

Black + dark gray (space wolf for instance, though I like to use my own tints by adding skull white to the chaos black a bit at a time so I can get the same colours without having to buy all the different jars :))

Dark gray + lighter gray (this time, use your gray mix and add bleached bone. If it doesn’t look right yet, try a bit more skull white then continue to bleached bone)

Lighter gray + even lighter gray (with more bleached bone)

Glaze with purple.

Hope this helps.


For my Undead:

Bone: I went from Khemri Brown straight up to Bleached Bone.

Skin: For an unhealthy skin tone I go from Khemri Brown to Dheneb Stone. With maybe a wash of grey or a hint of green.