[Archive] Bonsai instead of trees


I was wondering if Bonsai trees would be good instead of normal model tress. It would make warhammer look that little bit more realistic :).


It sounds like a good idea, but because they would all be in pots, I don’t think it could work without looking a little wierd.


I was thinking about that and I thought if you made a special slot for it to go into that would make the tree level with board.


As someone who has a collection of bonsai, this occured to me a few years back. the board would need to be custom built, and there wouldn’t be any possibility to move them around.

The other alternative is to ask around for someone with a dead bonsai. Just saw it off and stick it down.

Your best alternative is to make them yourself with wire, flexibark (or whatever it’s called) and scenic foliage.


Dunno, it reminds me when I was a child and used real earth in a railway diorama for the sake of realism… a disaster!
I do not like to mix the world of heart, water, living things with the real of sterilized-plastic-metal miniatures.
It’s less messy to have the traditional metal wires-dead branches-stuff or fancy trees, very realistic, you can buy in hobby stores…

Pyro Stick:

I dont think bonsai trees would be worth the cost and effort involved. You would def have to buy them because from what ive heard they are hard to grow. The only option that i can see is using dead bonsai trees like grimstone suggested.