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braid beard:

hello, here im going to show you a bunch of things i’ve done, and most of the stuff i show you will be conversions, as im mad about GS :stuck_out_tongue:

here are some pics of my nurgle terminator lord:
(the pink stuff is blu tack)



nurgle marine

head / chest veiw


umm so this is what i’ve done so far and please remember,
im new, constructive critism! :stuck_out_tongue:

more to come when i get some GS or i paint something up.

just painted up a LOTR ghost king.
here it is!

braid beard:

finally  got round to doin some orks which i will show you when i get time to take a photo, but i am basing them on, i think the term is, Georgians. if any one knows the proper terms for the people that used to wear a type of powder on their face that actually turns out to be toxic, and they also wear wigs and eye makeup. well im basing my army on them and it looks really cool :smiley:

oh, and as a bit of a treat for CD online, im gonna paint snikrot up and give him a wig! hooray for a total make over on a pretty expensive model and making it Georgian!

but yeh, any one got any ideas for my orks or CD?

thanks, Braid.

Hashut’s Blessing:

There were actually several periods where that was practised, but you’re quite right with the Georgians :wink:

Am very interested to hear the idea behind Georgian Orks, so do tell :stuck_out_tongue:

braid beard:

hopefully i will get round to puttin up some pics today :smiley:
snikrot aint nearly done yet and i need to get mor black paint, which sucks…
oh well i will use what ive got :smiley:
so glad someone finally posted on here

thanks, Braid

EDIT: just upgraded all the links to pics :smiley:
i will be postin a pic in a sec… wanna show you guys a little sumptin…


nice work, can’t wait to see it painted!

like the idea of your georgian orks, i’m sure they’ll look great when properly executed… whistles march of the british grenadiers

braid beard:

sorry 'bout not updatin, my cams broke… oh well. i use one of my dads 8 :smiley: