[Archive] Brainstorming for an all Chaos Dwarf themed Dreadfleet


I am preparing a map-based campaign for my local gaming group, and we’re all preparing armies for it. We’re using the rules from the old General’s Compendium book - a great source of inspiration for me personally - and I had an idea where, in order to control a piece of the map containing a large body of water, the player would have to win a game of Dreadfleet. I now have many of my players, who were enthusiastic about the idea, converting and scratch-building their own fleet of ships, true to their race.

So I present to you this fun question to you, CD community:

Names for purely Chaos Dwarf themed ships, ideas for design, building, rules, anything!

Right now I’m thinking a couple good, massive, black iron-clad barges could be nice to supplement the Black Kraken, which will, of course, be included in my fleet.

What do you guys think? Let me hear your ideas and input!


I think in the same vein as the Kraken… some sort of sub surface ship with a giant mouth that opens with spinning blades inside that draw in and grind up other ships.

Another idea I had was less of a ship more of a fortress being carried on the shoulders of a colossal golem… similar to how Atlas in mythology carries the world… where the golem is mostly submerged.

I think some sort of slave barge for hobgoblins would be characterfully CD.

I could also imagine ramming craft with big drills on the front.


You should have a look at the old Man o War stuff. Giant guns and rockets is pretty Chaos Dwarfy if you ask me :slight_smile:


Hashut’s Blessing:

It could be far simpler and just use the rukes presented, but make CD equivalent models!


Good ideas, I’ve been thinking likewise about expanding Dreadfleet. There is a naval article upcoming in the next Word of Hashut webzine, although it’s only background and drawings. I think you will like the super vessel idea. :stuck_out_tongue:

It could be far simpler and just use the rukes presented, but make CD equivalent models!

Hashut’s Blessing
A simple but working approach. If we take the Dreadfleet, then the Bloody Reaver would be a capital ship, largely Daemonic akin to the Hellcannon (hence its regeneration ability). The slow Tomb Kings ship could be a slave galley or a heavy cruiser with lots of armament. The ghost ship could be a Daemonic ship that eat cannonballs. The Skaven ship could be a floating rocket battery, not intended for boarding actions and equipped with extra propellers to escape the enemy at close quarters.