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hi guys :slight_smile:

i always wanted a choas dwarf army, and in this days i’m watching a lot of miniatures to decide which one use to make a good chaos dwarf army.

but i need some advices from the veterans :slight_smile:

first, i saw this dwarfs from anvil studios


they seems a little bit more “lotr” scale than the normal warhammer scale. they are well proportioned but this little difference may be a big gap to fill, so i wonder if anyone have ordered them.

the other miniature range is well known mantic abyssal dwarfs


the problem here is the quality: in some images the miniatures seems really poor detailed and bad casted…

so, anyone can give me some opinions or pics about this two miniature range? i hope that someone can help me.

thanks for the attention!


The Anvil ones were done by someone on this forum I believe? Can’t find the post atm, but I’ve seen them on here before. Might be worth tracking them down to try get more info? They look pretty decent.

Mantic are cheap and cheerful. In every way. Their Zombies are great. Their Dwarfs… not so keen myself.

True connoisseurs buy from Titan Wargames though :wink:


True even coming from Mr. Titan himself.

If you don`t wanna buy Warhammer Forge and fear the cost of the evil bay for old ones I would go with him.

No real fan of the Mantic ones, for the other ones have a look at Kara-Naks army-thread.

Kera foehunter:

Sweetie , the best advice i could give you is it your army .

I say pimp out a dwarf army , or make your army from both of those. but now come the fact. not all army are a true 28 mm hero size ( warhammer scale ) anvil studios i think is slightly smaller scale this could be a problem or not


Kara-nak models do look great and he does state that his are LoTR scale but as Kera says its your army. If YOU like a type of model go for it. being a connoisseur is very expensive, I know.