[Archive] Bretonian archers


Anyone know the going rate for the old school bretonian archers ? the ones that came with the bretonian/lizardmen edition of warhammer ? To convert into hobgoblins

The Brain:

not really sure, but I would think that it should be kinda low. No body really used them back in the day and the new ones are so much cooler. I use about 20 of them in my Empire Stirland army as empire archers. It all depends on how good of a deal you offer someone?


5th edition is old school? Pfffffftttt. I have some 3rd edition metal ones, part of a 1500 point bret army I’m considering selling.


5th edition is not im my humble opinion as I said old school but then again I didnt know how many people would cosider that too old for comfort :stuck_out_tongue:

Border Reiver:

I have plenty, unfortunately for you, they are all in use in Bret army (haven’t taken the field with less than 45 bow armed models in 15 years)