[Archive] Bring back chaos dwarf radio?


Can you remember it? I’d like to see it make a return, might bring in some needed traffic. …


It was before my time. But throw something together and we’ll upload it to the site.

MadHatter had a jinggle made by a swedish metal band before he went offline. If you want to make some radio, I’ll try to get a hold of MadHatter.


id be up for it, if 2 or 3 other wanted to join in i rekon we could do some good


CDR was good times! Hashut’s Blessing and I did several of them and I’ve been thinking it would be nice to bring it back. Was always difficult for he and I to pull off the recording and it required him getting up stupid early or me saying up stupid late!

Best suggestion is to find a couple of other regulars, each of you install some software to record the conversation and then one of you should be in charge of editing. Sometimes your own recording will be good enough to pick up all of the audio from the conversation, but make sure the others provide the recordings from their end as you can replace drop-outs or poor audio of remote speakers with the audio they recorded (saved us a couple of times). I also did a lot of editing to remove dead air, skip sections when we’d realize we forgot to look up a reference and would look for it and then resume, or pause for bathroom breaks. You don’t notice because they’re not there, but most of the recordings I did I removed the slightly longer pauses, as well as the too common “Um” and “Ahh” from the participants too. Editing 3h of audio in this way can easily bring it down to 90-120mins of better quality listening with minimal wasted time!!

Oh, and make sure who ever does it with you that you all organize ahead of time what you want to discuss, each of you go off and do your research and make note of your sources, then compile everything and recirculate a final draft of the show and an order of discussion. This also helps ensure that you’ve planned out an organized sensible flow.

Good luck!



I listen to a lot of podcast (with a surprising amount of CD info, lore, model review and tactics) but I would love to hear CDR. I don’t have the time myself (and I’m very conscious about English not being my native language when I speak it) so I can’t provide anything really good, but have some show notes and maybe a wide array of know how between different gaming systems. How are the Chaos Dwarf doing in ninth age, kings of war, AoS and 8th ed.?

Glimpse the Void:

I loved it myself, and it would go to staight to the top of my list of things to listen too.