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I’m just going to sound like a total newbie here. But I don’t really know much about forge world. I know they make the sculptures as it says in White Dwarf but thats about it. I’m having a look at it now and I don’t know enough about anything remotely 40K-ish to be able to tell if they have the capacity to create their own expansion armies for warhammer. Maybe you should do a topic on it that I could look at and see what you mean. But I am planning on writing quite a few letters and sending them in as often as I can. Admittedly most will be pleading for a new list and some exposure. The Hellcannon alone proved that there is an interest in our army. Lets face it the model is really expensive and the rules are orc like in their ability to decimate their own army and yet they were sold and loved by people like us.

But thats the beauty of a written campaign we can all write our own reasons and ideas to include the army. If they get sent to GW alot of them will be read and maybe one of us will have an idea they like. If nothing else a few of us will get replies letting us know where we stand. I can’t see any harm in trying. Plus this site has a world wide membership so letters from many different contients would surely prove that their is a world wide demand. Heck we can site the prices that their Chaos Dwarf models are fetching on e-bay as prefect examples. I think it’s worth doing in our own ways even if you can’t manage a full page. Maybe those who did the 2009 challenge could state how much they spent on models for use as CD’s. That’s money that GW would lose out on if the army was dropped all together. Think out your reasons, open note pad and vent. Then look at whats there an sculpt a letter out of it. Direct our energy directly at GW


Rick1975 sent me a sample of what he sent GW, but since it has some personal details I want to prepare a sample letter. Does anyone here have good English? I’ve prepared a layout of the sample letter but perhaps someone can correct it for grammar and bad English (sorry)


Dear Rick Priestley (or whoever we decide to send it to),

My name is [insert name] and I have been playing [insert game systems here] for [insert time]. My first army/One of the armies that I played with/My favourite army [pick one] is Chaos Dwarfs, which I have been using since [5th / Ravening Hordes / unofficial Indy GT].

Pyro Stick:

Signed. Its at 111 now. Although 10,000 seems a bit optimistic. This forum only has 2,000 members. Im sure i must have signed about 10 of these by now and none of them have amounted to much. If you want this one to actually go somewhere you are going have to spread it around a hell of a lot and not give up on it until you reach your goal.


I signed; that made 116. I think the hand written letter drive is a great idea. I also agree that if we pitch it so that it would be a Forge World based product line we might have a better chance of seeing results. The prices on eBay were mentioned to show GW that there are players/collectors out there willing to pay good money for these miniatures still. I’m going to add in my letter about my recent problems with re-casts of CD miniatures being sold as GW originals on eBay.


What happened about that online petition from a couple of years ago?


Signed in! :slight_smile:

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First of all i would just like to wish everyone luck with this petition and it’s noble aims but I would like to add a different viewpoint… I’m a new member of Chaos Dwarfs Online and i was hooked by the very fact that Chaos Dwarfs are a defunct army(well dormant anyway!). It was the Dwarfs of Chaos indy gt book that first amazed me, i could’nt believe anyone could have taken so much time and effort to create such an outstanding work,and this i have subsequently found is just the tip of the ice berg! All over CDO members are producing outstanding achievments whether these be tutorials,conversions mould-making,fan-fiction…i could go on and on the list is endless! One thing all of these have in common though is originality! It is the very fact that Chaos Dwarfs have no supported army that drives this creativity. Would we all push the boundaries if our needs were catered for by GW and if they were would their background and models be any better than the writings of TommyH or the sublime modeling of Tjub or Ishkur? What about rarity value? is it not satisfying to have an army that no one else has…especially when that army is personal and unique to the owner? I speak with personal experience…as i’ve said i’m new to CDO but the bug has bitten me fast and deep, although i’ve been painting collecting and gaming for many many years i’ve never converted and never sculpted anything before. Well i have now! I’ve just entered golden hat 12 and when i finished my entry i’ve never ever felt so much personal satisfaction! Yes i’ve painted much better models before but these ones were mine and no one elses! yes it would be nice for Chaos Dwarfs to have abit more support and recognition and yes some forge world stuff could only be a good thing but i would hate to see the uniqueness originality and creativity that this wonderful community of outcasts inspires become just another bland one size fits all army!


Sorry if my post came across as a rant or anti-petition in any way?! My point was just to support CDO and of course I fully support any initiative to promote & popularise chaos dwarfs


Does anyone have a contact with the various podcasts running around? Maybe we could team up with the Dogs Of War guys and fight a common fight, instead of separate?

Just an idea…


signed; I’m #155

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The best way for you to advance this, if that is the plan, is to contact the GCN and ask if you can load a document on their forum for local clubs to download and print out.

Gaming Club Network | The brief talking about Gaming Club

I’m sure there would be some other gaming network forums, as that is UK only I believe.

The document you load is a petition people at gaming clubs have to physically sign, then when everyone has you organise them to scan it back and email it to you.

The big problem with relying on forums is that we represent only a very small part of the GW wargaming community.  So you need to distribute this far beyond that, down to the local club level.  I imagine if that plan worked you’d be able to add at least a thousand people onto your list.

If it were me doing it I would make the petition about them being a stand alone army, either GW studio or FW. Asking people to sign a petition to ‘bring back chaos dwarfs’ when they could just release 1 model and say “yep, we did as you asked”. :wink:

You should also pm Glorin, a member on here, as he is an active poster on tabletopwelt.de , the biggest German wargaming forum by far (and there are a LOT of chaos dwarf fans on there ;)).


The big problem with relying on forums is that we represent only a very small part of the GW wargaming community.  So you need to distribute this far beyond that, down to the local club level.  I imagine if that plan worked you'd be able to add at least a thousand people onto your list.

I had a lot of interest at the local store when I was playing on Sunday. Lots of people coming up asking questions and wanting to find out more.. as well as several people who said that Chaos Dwarfs was their first Warhammer army and they wanted to know if it's coming back. Those kinds of people would probably be willing to put their name to a petition too, not just the dire-hard CD fans.



At my local store on sunday I got a fair amount of interest as well mainly from people intrigued by my strange dwarfs, most people knowing very little of them or that anyone was using them still(Not much of a surprise there.) but there were still a few interested it fining out more. It worth noting that the staff have been rather supporting of my dwarves particularly since I’m not buying GW dwarfs for conversions.


Grimstonefire I have taken both pieces of advice now. I do have one thing I’m having a problem with, I have no clue how to contact Rick Priestley. Thanks for your help with everything.

Thanks everyone who has posted, and vulcanologist I appreciate having another view on this subject which isn’t simply saying it’s terrible like those on DakkaDakka


Here’s an older one:

Petition Online - Petition Online has been retired



I have asked someone about that, I’ll let you know if I’m told his direct mailing address.


Grimstonefire you are truly a legend, thank you so much for your help :slight_smile:


Well the petition is slowing down seriously

And IGN basically told me to go away when I suggested the idea



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Are we still going to send the letters or not?