[Archive] BR's Last Hall of Heroes Tourney

Border Reiver:

It was my last HoH tourney because GW Canada has dropped the Hall of Heroes tournament scene, not because I’ve stopped going to tournaments.

I took the following list:

Lord Kurgan Grudgebearer (Lord with heavy armour, enchanted shield, Hammer of Hashut and a Great Taurus)

Ozymandias Ironbeard (Sorcerer - 2nd level with 2 dispel scrolls)

Ashkelon Runeforger (Sorcerer - 1st lvl with the Black Gem)

Meggido Fireforge (Hero with the Army Standard, Armour of Gazrack and a Sword of Might)

Akkad the Grim’s Raiders (18 CD Warriors with Full Command, and GWs - Ashkelon and Meggido were here)

The Ninevah Regt (19 CD warriors with FC, GW and the War Banner)

Sargon’s Regt (20 CD Warriors with FC and Blunderbusses)

Tarka’s Ridas (10 Wolf Riders with a musician, LA and Shields)

Garek’s Mob (10 naked Hobgobbos)

2 Hobgoblin Bolt Throwers

Hashut’s children (5 Bull Centaurs with heavy Armour)

Hashut’s Thunder (Earth Shaker)

My first opponent had an empire army with no missile units other than a unit of outriders and a unit of pistoliers. He had two warrior priests,

a battlestandard bearer and an arch lector on the war altar. Shooting worked well for me, the earthshaker keeping his knights and outriders on my right flank from moving at more than a crawl (and keepign them out of combat for the entire game), while Sargon’s Regt managed to bring a unit of 25 Greatswords down to a much more manageable 8 by the time they’d marched into combat. Things were a little disapointing with the lord on the taurus - good use of his detachments prevented me from getting into the flank of his other unit of Greatswords and I had to content myself with dealingwith the detachment. A bad round of combat saw me losing the Ninevah Regt. Minor loss to me (300 VP diff)

Second game saw me facing off against an ogre kingdoms army led by Skrag the Slaughterer. Unforttunately, the kid who was running the list was more of a 40K player and his lack of experience showed. good use of baiting allow me to flank charge a unit of yethees with Hashut’s children, and a unit of Iron Guts with the Ninevah Regt. Lord Grudgebearer managed to kill Skrag, and the rest of his army was meat. Massacre to me.

The final game of the tourney saw me facing off against a Daemons of Chaos army led by the Skulltaker. Lots of shooting (including two rounds of shooting and a stand and shoot reaction from Sargon’s Regt managed to whittle the Bloodletters down to a quite manageable 5 members (from an original 19 - Skulltaker started here, but left to try and claim Kurgan’s head) and with a whiffed round of attacks on the Bloodletter’s part the daemons of Khorne went poof. By the end of the game, I’d managed to kill a unit of Bloodletters, skulltaker a unit of screamers and a herald of slaanesh, while bringing the daemonettes down to below half. In exchange I’d lost the bolt throwers, Tarka’s Ridas, Garek’s Mob and Lord Grudgebearer (who went down surrounded by foes, but sent the Skulltaker to hell before he lost to static CR

Alan the evil:

Well, good  test. This army list seems to work enough well…

Just a couple of questions:

#1 Blocks of  20 models’ infantries are enough resistent? Usually I field a 25 models infantry without GW for my unit with BSB.

#2 Don’t you feel exposed without armour of fournace on hero lord? It gives your hero a fire immunity (khorne over all!!) and ward save…

However I like this list: it’s very close to an old one of mine!

Compliments and good luck for your next tournaments :hat off