[Archive] Brush Slave #11 - "White Christmas"


A special themed challenge - just because I can and it’s that time of year :slight_smile:

Title: "White Christmas"

Paint a miniature themed around winter and/or Christmas. So anything from a Norse dwarf on a snowy base till The Christmas Invasion. From a flying reindeer till Santa in Hell

Like always, it’s pretty much up to you!

Challenge special rules:
An additional challenge point will be award for doing some kind of duel/interaction between two miniatures (or more). 2 additional challenge points for doing a diorama - diorama base have to be bigger than 70mm (round) and at least 60x100mm (square).

Deadline will be end of December 2011 (your time zone)

After deadline we will name an overall Brush Slave Challenge winner. Winner will be the guy with most challenge points. Should we have a tie we’ll figure out something. Winner will be rewarded with a set of 8 Dwarf Heavy Infantry (4 troops, 2 commands and an overlord) from Titan Wargames.

More info can be found in the official BS FAQ.

And still time for giving your opinion abort Brush Slave 2012. Cause yes, it’s time for evaluation, so your opinion is needed here: http://www.chaos-dwarfs.com/forum/showthread.php?tid=10016 - or else … December might be the last BS :wink:

The scoreboard as it stands before the last round:

Abecedar (6)
bas_2312 (3)
Bassman (1)
Blue in VT (3)
Bolg (6)

Borador (2)
Clam (5)
Golder Goldeater (1)
G.2 (6)

Hazkar (5)
Inkpwn (2)
Loki (1)
Lord Aldades (1)

Ryanamandaanna (3)
Tribun (1)
warh (4)

Zanko (3)

*=finished the November Challenge
=won the poll (BS #10)

And then, all there is left to say is thanks to all that took part in BS #10. I hope seeing you all back for the last 2011 BS #11 :slight_smile:


do we send you a private message with our entry in?


Nope, you just post it here in this thread. Also welcome sharing any WIPs if you like. But please make it clear what is WIP and what’s your final entry, please :slight_smile:


ok, got it.

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Great :smiley:

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can the miniatures be in a larger scale(like inquisitor) or must they be in 28mm?


hmmm… I wouldn’t mind making a diorama to go in as a unit filler… would a Screaming Bell base work for the diorama dimensions? (60mm x 100mm)


Scale, genre, manufacturer, … ? - like always, your call. Only restriction I can think of is, that it should look like a gaming miniature :slight_smile:


Time to dig around the bits box…


hmmm... I wouldn't mind making a diorama to go in as a unit filler... would a Screaming Bell base work for the diorama dimensions?  (60mm x 100mm)

Yes, that will be okay! Changed the challenge special rule slightly ;)


Haha nice topic,have some perfect Minis for this…Just a little question:will we get 3bonus points for a duell diorama?


Nice try :wink:

- but - of course - ‘no’ :slight_smile:

Duel are meant as individual based models, but somehow interact with each other (so don’t you dare entering 2 static rank and file models ;)). Your diorama could be a 100 miniatures in a dual with a Christmas tree or a single miniature hidding under a table with his “present” - both will get “2 additional challenge points” :wink:

Pyro Stick:

Haahahah i was actually working on a Christmas themed chaos dwarf. I guess ill finish it up and try and enter.


so many options!! I will most certainly join in in this one (:


@clam:was worth a trying

Anyway I’ll make a Duell diorama.


I’ll try to enter, fun theme!!

Lord Aldades:

Hmmm, I don’t think I have anything specific wintery lying around, I’ll see if I can get something shaken up out of the old maw


Converting is allowed right clam? (:


As long it’s painted and looks like a gaming miniature, anything is allow :slight_smile:

And a bit of SPAM:

Added a poll about BS '12 - here: http://www.chaos-dwarfs.com/forum/showthread.php?tid=10016&pid=175703#pid175703 - let us know what you would like to see us do, next year :smiley:


Interesting. Each December I whip together some sculpts and paint them for my brother, father and a few friends. At least one of these new sculpts is a trench soldier, but most are simple (albeit detailed) and funny Gnoblars. I suppose a Christmas Gnoblar might be prudent, then, if I can take photos.