[Archive] Brush Slave League - Round 2 announcement

Uncle Fool:

:hat off Thankyou all at CDO:cheers. I was finding it very difficult to find the motivation to paint much at all of late. I have had major spinal injuries and have been left disabled after an accident at work,yaddi yaddi yadda, blah ,blah etc… So the will to paint was lulling slightly:(.

Now however thanks to you guys and a special thanks to Clam I feel I have his (what ever Clam’s boot size) well and truely kicking me in the pants. I’ve not painted so hard and furious for ages, got to lurve it;):yar

Blue in VT:

That’s excellent news!!! Git er done!!!

I find forum painting contests to be a great motivator…in fact as G2 once pointed out if it weren’t for contests I’d probably never get anything done.

Good to have you along for the ride.



Lord Aldades:

Full regiment for round 2 ready, just needs varnish and basing and I can submit :slight_smile:


List of coaches, with a new teams for round two (New team bonus):

  • Ryanamandaanna
  • Bolg
  • Zanko
  • Lord Aldades
  • Burske
  • theforgefather
  • DAGabriel
  • Clam
  • UncleFool
  • Obsidian Muse
  • Furrie
  • Unzul

New participants/coaches, with a starter team:
  • Bas_2312
  • Dervish Helldance

And if you think you have entered something for round two and are not on the list, please contact me.

And to avoid any confusions, if you have entered a previous round and don’t wish to do a replacement - you previous entry is carried over to this round, automatically. You don’t need to say anything.

The list is more or less a check list to make sure, that all new entries have been received.

I’ll update the list as I receive your new entries.


Took some time but the photos of team 2 are finally send in.


And got them :slight_smile: - Great entry, something you can all look forward to.


Just to let you know that you now have 1 week left to get any replacement team ready :smiley:

(look at post #44 to see if your name should be there)


Think I might not make it this time, but we’ll see!


That’s entirety up to you and fully acceptable, my friend. I Just wanted to remind those that was planning for a 2nd round replacement.


Thought I’d give you a heads up :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Really busy with tests and all kinds of school stuff, which is a bummer because I really enjoy painting for the BSL!


Clam, just PMed you mine, any problems let know.

Looking forward to seeing what everyone else has come up with.


I think I can finish my entry on time.


Ready and send! :cheers

Hope you will like them! :wink:



And got it, Zanko - thanks :slight_smile:

Lord Aldades:

I`m sending in 2 and 3 tomorrow, just finished the ACW marathon so a bit total loss atm

Lord Aldades:

Aaaaaand mailed to you Clam

Uncle Fool:

:o Oh no the pressure. I have almost two minis done just have to base the second. The last one I’ll start on tomorow. They sent me all the way down to Sydney for more spinal surgical tinkering:| It’s a good job we are nine hours in front of you mob, which will give me longer to get my entry in:):):yar


Sounds great, Uncle F - will be looking forward seeing your entry.

Pretty sure that 11:59pm GMT is exactly the same point in time - all over the world :slight_smile: Your statment sounds a bit like my wife, that think she has earned some money when saving 30% on her shoe purchases, and buy a second pair :smiley:

Uncle Fool:

:hat off Not quite Clam mate. We here in Darwin are on CST (Central Standard Time) which is +9.5 GMT (Greenwich Mean Time). That’s why we celebrate New Years before you mob and have a hangover while you’re in bed;):cheers BTW my wife does the same with shoes. What is it with these women? Are they members of the Imelda Marcos cult??:o:yar


I agree, that your deadline is not 31th March 11:59pm - but April 1st 09:30am CST (your time zone) - but you have something like 3 days and 9 3/4 hours left to finish your entry - exactly the same time as people in GMT, CET, EST … has :smiley:

- so no, you don’t have 9 hours more - so it’s not like new year, because New Year is based on your local time zone and not a standard point in time (Like BSL) :wink:

As we (the Danes) have switched to daylight saving time we are now GMT +2, and I think the Brits are now on BST, aint you (GMT +1)?

EDIT. And should anyone like to know wat the eaxct GMT time is, then look here: