[Archive] Brush Slave League - Round 7 announcement



We are entering the final rounds and it still rather close in the top of the league, so you’ll probably not like to miss the chance of earning some more bonus points:

Deadline for round 7 will be on:

30th September 2012, 11:59 pm GMT

- but it is - of course - your call - cause like rules says:

“You do NOT have to enter a new team in each round after entering the league, but you are ENCOURAGED to do so.”

For those of you who enters a new team please make sure that:

Your entry most include:

- A name or title :slight_smile:


- a direct link to your picture(s) with the use of a direct URL (without preview or size restrictions). And IMGs are great for presentations, but direct URLs are much better :smiley:

If emailed, please use attachements, not any fancy email sharing feature from your hosting site, please.

And do make sure you picture resolution do not exceeds 800x800, please.

The rules
It’s never to late to take part!
Well, if you want to join it’s quite simple. All it takes is that you make a commitment by posting your name here (so I know how many participants to expect) and start painting your first team (i.e. paint at least 3 themed gaming miniatures).

When you’re done put some effort into making a presentation of your team and then take a look at the rules for: “how to enter”.

You’ll have a disadvantage of a very late start of course, but as it’s actually just about getting stuff painted, who cares?

Oh! and keep your entry close - as we like surprises:) Oh, and don’t forget to check all the rules for any other restrictions etc.

List of coaches, with a new teams for round seven (New team bonus):
  • Lord Aldades
  • warh
  • Bolg
  • DAGabriel
  • Blue in VT
  • Zanko
  • Bas_2312
  • Mostyn
  • theforgefather

New participants/coaches, with a starter team:


    I can’t believe we are at round seven (second last round) already. I must admit, that even with MANY loses for my enteries, it has been fun. I’m looking forward to the next two rounds.

    Thanks for all your hard work Clam.


    Nor can I!

    And it might be time to start thinking about “what then”. Have people had enough? Shall we call it in or should there be a “season 2”?, shall we go back to previous brush slaves monthly challenges?, what speaks for/against? Perhaps I should start a dicussion thread/poll :smiley:


    I kinda like the league idea, I think we should keep it this way.


    Hey Clam, definately start a discussion thread about the potential of the next painting season. I’m sure a few us will have some opinions about it.


    Perhaps I should start a dicussion thread/poll :D

    Do that! I really enjoyed this so far, and I dont know it I can take it when there is no deadline after october d:

    Lord Aldades:

    Rounds 7 and 8 packed and done, just to take some pictures and send them to Clam tomorrow and bye bye deadline stress (for this project at least hehehe)




    Round 7 finished, round 8 under way. Just have to take pics this weekend.


    Damn … haven’t started yet! :mad

    Perhaps I will take some minis I paint for my son - not the best ones but still new entries! :~



    Nor have I :wink:

    Down with pneumonia, so I am so darn tired. But painting weekend is coming … :smiley:


    Cant say I have finished either.

    Have just gotten home from hospital. They removed tissue from my lower belly area to check if there still were active tumorcells there that didnt show up on a recently made scan. Just got word that there weren’t any, and that I am going in for my final session of chemotherapy treatment the 28th of september.

    Pretty good news there but sadly, I think I’ll be unable to finish the team that was in the works for this round. I’ve finished only 1 out of 3 figures so far, and am pretty much stuck to my bed due to the surgery so cant do much now either. I’ll try a lot harder for season 2 guys, as I am terribly sorry for missing out on so many rounds.


    You don’t need to apologize to us. Don’t forget that this is just a hobby. Health (and a 100 other things) will always come first, but I’m sure you already know :smiley:

    I’m glad to here that the tests went well and it all starts to look fine. Now take good care of yourself, and will be looking forward seeing you back fo season 2.

    Best wishes, Clam


    Team is finished, i’ll make pictures when I had some sleep.


    30st September 2012, 11:59 pm GMT



    Thanks :wink:

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    That date is approaching fast. I hope I get something painted (finished).


    Me too :smiley:

    Haven’t started my entry yet. Wife has left me home with both Kids for 5 days. Darn I’m so tired when they finally fall into sleep, that I can’t man up to start mine. But weekend is comming … :smiley:


    pics are on their way!


    Got them, thanks :slight_smile:

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