[Archive] BSB conversion ideas


Braved GW today and got myself the Dwarf lords pack.  Had a near go with a redshirt, but one mention of Chaos Dwarfs sent him packing! :slight_smile:

The Lord on the Oathstone I’ll keep unconverted for my Dwarf army, but the other one would make a much better BSB than the one I sculpted.

Any advice people can give on what to do?  Suggest whatever you think would look best, I should be able to sculpt something close.

He’s got a fur cloak, should that stay as fur?  Or smooth it out?

I plan to flatten out his hat and give him a suitably scary mask.  Chain mail to scale mail (obviously).

The beard could be time consuming to remove, but not impossible.  He’s got 2 plaits, should I sculpt the rest of the beard as plaits as well?

The outstretched hand could stay, or have something else done?

Lastly the banner…  I will remove this completely anyway (its a one piece model), any idea on what I could do instead?  The only one I had was a creepy chaotic eye thing with daemonic swirls coming out.  Or something more mechanical?


well, the beard isn’t to hard to remove, I know, i tried, but you tools will be a bit damaged if your not carefull, so that shopuld be easy to remove and replace

about the banner, well maybe a big symbol of hashut/rune of hashut

Ghrask Dragh:

I think you should try…

-fur cloak wouldn’t make sense in the dark lands, so I think smooth it out.

-sculpt his beard with plaits.

-outstretched hand could be holding the head of a slave or enemy.

-I can’t figure out what to do with my warriors unit standard bearer, so I’m no help with the Battle Standard I’m afraid.

Look forward to seeing it, good luck.


Kera foehunter:

Wow !! grims you shure have some great projects.


As far as the hand putting something in it might not be bad. Perhaps a skull with green stuff flames from the eyes?

Or perhaps a weapon pointing towards the enemy?

Good luck. I thought about buying these guys but took a different tack with my bsb and general.

Pyro Stick:

-fur cloak wouldn't make sense in the dark lands, so I think smooth it out.

Ghrask Dragh
Well since they are big on trading i think it makes perfect sense to leave it as fur.

Instead of removing the whole banner couldnt you just remove all the obvious dwarf decoration and change it to chaos dwarf decoration? Full of small runes of hashut hanging everywhere and adorned with bull heads etc.