[Archive] BSL Round 2 - The Emperor's swords! vs Three colors - Dark Angels


The Emperor’s swords! (Unzul)


Three colors - Dark Angels (DAGabriel)


Ooh I had

Those greatswords! Those were the days when the empire didn’t ride chickens! Dark angels win though!


i love the sword blades on the knights!

Uncle Fool:

:o Man I’m getting a headache from over using my brain cell. Everybodies painting is GREAT:)

Unzul Your swords got my vote great technique and a fair bit of time I reckon too.

DAGabriel Super cool!:slight_smile: it wont let me vote for you aswell so here is a hats of top work buddy:hat off:hat off


This match up made me chuckle as the empire knights have more power weapons than the selection of great and good from the dark angels. This was a really tough call: I love the swords on the knights but then the dark angels are very neatly painted with great colours.

I know I must have said this in every thread but well done to you both for some great work.


I love those sword on those knights, very nicely done! Only I’m not a big fan of that purple so I voted for the DA, but it was a tough call…


Haha gotta give it to the knights, their power swords are just more powerful can’t you guys tell lol…