[Archive] BSL Round 2 - The Grateful Undead vs. Verena's Judgement


The Grateful Undead (Mostyn)

Verena’s Judgement (Obsidian Muse)


Hey Obsidian Muse, a big step forward! Invest a little time into the basing and you will see another big progress. It is not enough to take the crown here, but kudos!

@ Mostyn: Love your basing!


Keep at it Obsidian! Try using washes or at least Devlan mud to give your models depth!

Obsidian Muse:

Thank you, DAGabriel and vulcanologist, I appreciate your advice.


You are on the right way, the painting is much cleaner than last time. If you feel like reading try the chapters about basing here:



can we judge it on how improved they are since last month?

Uncle Fool:

:o Mostyn, them thar skellies are goin to give me nightmares:hat off.

Obsidian Muse:o:o What an inprovement:yar:yar

I’m going to go out on a limb here and I will definatley get shot down by the traditionalists. Have you tried “dipping”.

Your base coating has got to a good level, and this technique will help your models look more life like with more shading. There are heaps of dipping stuff out there and in different shades too.:hat off:cheers:)


@ Obsidian Muse: I would try the GW washes, “dipping” is not so recommendable! Dipping is expensive and the use with the “Anti-Matt-Shine” spray quite tricky!

                        You also have a wider variety with the washes concerning the colour schemes you choose!

                        I tried both so I think I can give you a quite meaningful statement!



@Obsidian Muse these are a lot better than your last entry, your painting skills are improving (:

I still voted for the skellies though, but in my book they would have beaten many a other theam this round so dont take it to hard.

Blue in VT:

Love those Marauder Skellies…Might have to find some for myself!



Those are the prettiest skellies I have ever seen, where do they find the time to polish that bone up so neat…

Love it!