[Archive] BSL Round 2 - What a load of Bull�?�� vs. The hobgoblins from the northern marshes


What a load of Bull�?� (Uncle Fool)

The hobgoblins from the northern marshes (G2)


Another close one! Hobgoblins just shade it for me!


Like the bulls a bit more - though it was a “neck-and-neck race”! :hat off



The hobgoblin photos could use some colour correction, as its hard to tell some of the colours apart, unfortunately. It all seems very sepia-toned to me.


Tough, but I am with the Bulls. Love those armor plates on the front “man”!


Love the bulls especially the detail on the weapons


Another two really good entries

Uncle fool: you get lots of respect for even daring to try and make those abominations look good but you’ve managed it. I especially like the stark NMM and the rust effect. Can I recommend you put them all in a line next time so all the figures are in focus.

G2: Crisp clean and lots to like. I think the lack of shields really hurts the overall effect because you’ve done some tricky colours well.

Uncle Fool:

These are such bad photos. I literally threw them in the light box because it was going dark:sick:)

How cool is it having two Aussies in the same round. On that I reckon we’re both winners. Great painting mate:hat off:hat off:cheers


LOL got to go with the Bulls… omg when that picture loaded I actually jumped back for a sec and was like WHOAH WTF is he so angry for!!!