[Archive] BSL Round 5 - The Goon Squad vs. Girl Power!


The Goon Squad (G.2)

Girl Power! (Bas_2312)


Will take my time here, at first look I would go with the gals, at second impression with the goonies, so you will have to wait.


Lots of futuristic entrees this time around. For me the the girls just edge out the goons. Good stuff.


@Bas, just call them Boob Power next time d:


Girls just win this one but good entries from both of you!


I go for the girls as well… (and it has nothing to do with the boobs :wink: )

Uncle Fool:

I am not afraid to shout from the roof tops where my vote went here. BOOBS!!!:wink:

Both entries are fantastic however:D


Even if it doesn`t seem to matter any more, I like the goons and so I will go against the majority.