[Archive] BSL Round 5 - Verena's Judgement vs. Al`eeha, Hashut's Chosen


Verena’s Judgement (Obsidian Muse)

Al`eeha, Hashut’s Chosen (Lord Aldades)


No question, I think. If Obsidian Muse doesn`t come up with something new this will become a joker.

Uncle Fool:

Love the mino bull conversion, so chaos got my vote.


Come on guys some new stuff please!

Lord Aldades:

Mine is new…

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Lord Aldades:

Thanks for the match and for running the competition

I posted some more pictures on my blog of the entry`s models…

An Old Belgian Otaku: Al`eeha, Hashut's Chosen - Brush Slave League round 5


Did you repaint Aleeha’s old models? I remember them from many years back.

Lord Aldades:

Yurps, she gave them all to me a few months ago. Needed a heap of patching up, repairing and de-dusting, but definitly worth it.