[Archive] BSL Round 6 - The Mechanical Undead vs. The Cleaved


The Mechanical Undead (Ryanamandaanna)

The Cleaved (Uncle Fool)


Like those mechanical undead, they remind me of the work of one of my favorite paintresses, Ana from Chestofcolors.com (she still paints a tiny little bit better, though):

Commented on the Cleaved earlier, still like them but…


her source lighting is pretty amazing!


But trying to paint an army to that standard (not that I could if I wanted) is a path to madness.

Two more nice entries.  Uncle fool, your photos with the city-scape in the background is brilliant.  I can’t even get photos of a figure on a piece of white paper to turn out well.


Really nicely “staged”. I like the effort that you both went to, towards taking the photos. I think you have raised the bar, for the rest of us. BTW, great minis too.