[Archive] BSL Round 7: Amon Dul and bodyguards vs. the Silly Beardlings


Amon Dul and bodyguards (Blue in VT)

the Silly Beardlings (Obsidian Muse)


@ Blue: Draw my hat, especially like that sorcerers staff and the wolf fur. You are a never ending inspiration, but: Forgot the bases?? <br>@ OM: Even if you couldnt win this these minis are 100% better than your first ones! May I ask which colors you use? And another tip, go for matte varnish!


My guess would be they are part of the commission he took - to paint the MM90 counterpart Chaos Warriors - and that the guy would do the bases himself :wink:


@Blue: Nice work as always mate. The blending on the sleeves looks like a new technique for you. I havn’t seen such a color transition (lime green to dark green) in your previous minis. I really like what you did with these 3 minis.

@Obsidian: Great selection of minis. Nicely done with your color combinations, they work really well together. I must admitt, I especially like the color of the two helmets.


Classic Chaos Warriors = win:)