[Archive] BSL2 Round 1 - The Black Dwarf & Accomplices vs. The smelly ones vs. Ferocity in 15mm


The Black Dwarf & Accomplices (Borador)

The smelly ones (Larandard)

Ferocity in 15mm (Lord Aldades)


This one is hard.

@ Borador: love those shields, tried something similar in my enty. The white seems to suffer from being a bit thick, the green could profit from a little more shading/highlighting. Bases are good, the Black Dwarf, he isn`t to my taste but never the less I would be happy, if I had one, too.

@ Larandard: I get what you want to do, but they are very tone in tone. If you are interested I would like to show you two pics where the effect is more to my personal taste: http://img408.imageshack.us/img408/4316/cimg1861qg.jpg and http://img607.imageshack.us/img607/9250/dgtgroup.jpg

@ Lord Aldades: Perhaps it is only the pic, but they seem not up to your best and the bases are very grey.


@ Borador:

I like the minis, the style of your painting and the colour scheme! The only aspect to criticize is that the paiting seems to be too thick - like DAGabriel just mentioned!

@ Larandard: The 40K models and the colour scheme aren’t mine!

@ Lord Aldades: The 15mm BCs look good but the barren bases dominates the models.

- so Borador got my vote!



The shields on the dwarfs are awesome! You win, Borador.

Kera foehunter:

This is a hard one

but i have to go with Borador sexy peg leg dwarf

Lord Aldades:

No excuses here on the picture, it didnt turn out exactly the way it was pictured in the Minds Eye and didn`t have time between all kinds of Magic tournaments to paint a full set of fresh models.

I am going to throw the rest of the League over another bow though, by trying to enter both here and later in the year on the LPL Anime (style) only entries. Might not win a lot, but it will get my collection painted at least teeheeheee


Larandard; welcome to the league, nice entry!

Lord Aldades: Good stuff, 15 mm is a pain to paint, well done.

And thanks for the comments guys. I think the paint looks a bit thicker in the pictures than in real life, took them with my phone, but the white is too thick indeed. (I really should get more practice with it)


Taking pics with a smartphone is always a problem - i’ll try my gfs digicam for my next entry :slight_smile: