[Archive] BSL2 Round 2 - Black Orcs Team I vs. Lords and Minions


Black Orcs Team I (DAGabriel)

Lords and Minions (Larandard)


@ Larendard: great work, is that a glow effect on the shoulder pads or an effect of the lighting? Makes the three left ones look a little different from the two right ones.


The color on the soulder pad (and the eyes) is uv-active color, so it glows really intense when i take fotos with flash :smiley:

Additionally the picture seems to be too bright, i lack experience as a photographer…


Don`t worry, mine turned out a little on the dark side. Perhaps the bright shield darkened the rest down.


Hmm hard vote once again, i think Larandard just gets my vote but the smallest gaps.

Blue in VT:

Another tough choice though the subject matter is SO different.