[Archive] BSL2 Round 2 - In a hole in the ground ... vs. The Party Crashers vs. Mangel d� trois


In a hole in the ground there lived a hobbit (bas_2312)

The Party Crashers (clam)

Mangel dà trois (Thorne)


Clam, you have my vote: bright colors, cool models and great conversion of the cart (by the way, how did you build it?).


Only one thing to say: BEER!!


I’m a huge fan of the Dwarves, and the technique used is stunning to say the least, But I voted for the Halflings, the pallet and natural collors are very well used.


Must say that bolg is right about the colors of the Halflings but those dwarfes are exactly what I want to see, love them.

Those goblins are a victim of the flashlight, can`t say too much.


Beer wins, simple lol


I wish I had a beer pony


I forgot the magical beer/women-factor. Next time my mini’s will also feature at least one of those things again… ;p

All kidding aside, I love the beercart. Is that an original classic mini, or a remake?

Blue in VT:

All wonderful entries…Tough choice!