[Archive] Building good deathrockets


This is essentially modified from what I did to build by DOW chaos cannon. So in the near future I’ll upload my pictures of that and then update the thread as I construct a new death rocket (after mah bitz come in!).

I sadly no longer own the first one of these I made (I did it for a friend) but these plans should still work fine:

Step One:

Needed things:

2x http://store.us.games-workshop.com/storefront/store.us?do=Individual&code=9947020904104&orignav=9

1x http://store.us.games-workshop.com/storefront/store.us?do=Individual&code=9947020904105&orignav=9



1x Dwarf cannon box

1x Some kind of rocket bit

Step two:

Clip out the components of the dwarf cannon. take out the cannons barrel and cut off the front half of it (stop at the band that divides the front and back of the cannon (you need this to attach the barrel to its housing). Now assemble the cannon, but dont attach the wheels yet. Take the two chariot yokes and place one on either side of the cannon, positioning the part of the yoke with the rope on it so that it is resting ontop of the wheel axle (you will need to shave off a bit of plastic on the left side of the cannon to make this possible). now glue the wheels into place (you may need to shave down the inner sides of the wheel just a small bit). Now get your demolisher cannon bit, you will want to glue this to the front of the cannon (You will easily be able to see where is goes) and gapfill with greenstuff if you need/want too.

Ok now comes some more slicing. You’ll need to grap just the front of a single organ gun barrel (cut it off where it meets solid rectangular housing). Now carefully (possibly with a bit of GS) affix the organ gun barrel in the center of the demolisher cannon. The end of the organ gun should just stick out over the edge of the cannon, if it sticks too far out, thats ok, you just dont want it to be short.

Now your essentially done, the last part is to select a suitable rocket. You can use the cannon shell, but I reccomend you just greenstuff one, or get one from the ork range (from 40k obviously).

And as a last little garnish place the skull right at the top edge of the demolisher barrel.


Build a bolt thrower out of the telescope!

Turn the tele around and cut off the scope, now take the crank from the cannon (there are two on the sprue) and glue it down right overe the dwarf icon at the top of the stand. After this is done, just get a spear bit (or sharpened sprue) and glue it to the flat face of the telescope.

Alternativley if you thing this produces a “puny” Bolt Thrower (it does) then bulk out the barrel by gluing one of those unused organ barrel to the flat face to extend the barrel out a bit and then glue in the spear inside the organ barrel.

Traitor King:

Not realy understading so far. Im sure it’ll look great and cant wiat for pictures, these would realy help!


Like TK said, some pics would make it all much clearer